Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Team Up

Country stars join "GMA" to make a huge announcement you can't miss.
4:35 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Team Up
Yeah last week in Nashville for the CMA is before then your -- -- would -- love my pain. So busy -- either one of them at once list for a very long but to have both the and in Nashville when times we sit down. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- Tim McGraw now. Have a big announcement just. Their country music's most. Sizzling stars. Three time Grammy winner -- overall. And longtime pal Kenny -- -- -- four time Country Music Association entertainer of the year. And they've got an announcement that will -- the country music. Timber on Kenny Chesney we're sitting with both -- you in the middle of Nashville one you announce it so you could tell everybody what's going well. They're excited to say I mean nobody could have brought -- -- -- long time. Been making music together for a long time next -- will -- a very special summer because. -- and are going go up their -- rode together in 2012. Culinary you know -- son always has been and that's what we're. -- next year's tour Brothers mothers and -- -- for the first time in ten years they're making music together again. -- stadium gates kicking off June 2 it's -- to be the hottest ticket. Of the summer. There is a genuine -- and about us to talk about it. No I can tell we -- Love doing this for years holly just fell into place that was successful perfect for both listen and just it's just going to be as can be that. The biggest near our careers I think for weapons horse -- for. Theirs is a longtime friendship forged by funds and using. They first mentioned decades ago at a Nashville -- Memories of those early days still bring laughs today the thing you know we're. We're and singing at a hot dog stand. I don't know I don't know amount of water about music wrote millionaires and give thanks not a god himself we went from -- got fired they got -- We've really got by the -- Last two were together in 2001. Since then their careers have skyrocketed. And -- with nearly two dozen hits like. UN tequila. I was in and mound. Until they -- A lot at a lower levels more that's -- lot out there -- do -- you know lives in this room oh yeah. I'll tell you yeah. Up until we do get a -- how we answer. So I know we're gonna get good music but I think we're gonna get a little bit more antics on the stage probably I'll probably -- addressing them. You never know what's on the set -- happen and that's their that's the spontaneity that we're gonna bring the stage or not this summer and -- -- compromise can't wait maybe he'll come to Good Morning America for a summer concert and -- so. -- Timlin got here so you and I can go through the list of dates that we wanted to because you've got your gonna happen. Call for all Cole Hall because they've got -- needed to rebuild June 24 in Charlotte allowed -- through Saturday until. I heard it that people didn't bring about Tierney rarely love about Bob's world masters -- that's where you got to get on the swing calling US SP and I'm just wondering if maybe we couldn't get. You to be part of the act in the Natalie they would come here. Did you ever did you ever -- That it's just amazing being up from that perspective and it's gonna have that. Every weekend you give this -- will be part of a tour that you could just bring him here you got it terrorists do it but I'd rather better concert Brothers -- the -- -- 2012. Starts June 2 do not movies.

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{"id":14947614,"title":"Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney Team Up","duration":"4:35","description":"Country stars join \"GMA\" to make a huge announcement you can't miss. ","url":"/GMA/video/tim-mcgraw-kenny-chesney-team-14947614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}