Tim Tebow Getting the Ax?

Denver Broncos in talks with Peyton Manning to replace their most famous player.
0:37 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for Tim Tebow Getting the Ax?
He was the biggest story in pro football this year Tim Tebow the quarterback the McCain not only an out of nowhere on the field star but also a pop culture sensation so it is. It possible that Tebow is now about to get the votes by the Denver Broncos run what is going on here man. Well listen he had an amazing season -- voted practically turning around the Denver Broncos by himself but as they say that was also 2011. Now the -- according a new quarterback they're great and suddenly available Peyton -- -- last minute heroics like this. Tim Tebow rocketed from obscurity to the most popular athlete in all of sports in what seemed like an instant. -- image was plastered onto the cover of national magazines he became a staple of the late night comedy shows. Yes -- Jesus tries -- -- indeed the reason you want your past. Six football game -- Most humble shy and -- -- highest. He's kneeling in prayer after a score T Boeing became part of the American culture. All of which makes the news all the more shocking the Denver Broncos to -- Broncos. Are cheating on him. They've fallen in love with Peyton Manning. Change just two days after the Indianapolis Colts let him go Manning was spirited aboard this private plane. And flown from his Miami Beach home to Denver to meet with -- John Elway. -- vice president for football operations. And himself a legendary former quarterback the most. This -- shot him TiVo's ever take in -- NFL career is when he got run over by that red carpet at the brothels rolled out. In honor of Payton man. Adding insult a Denver Post poll of fans showed that two thirds are in favor of replacing Tebow with Manning I don't know him. Greatest thing -- do -- -- -- business business if the Broncos do get Manning Tebow could be gone soon traded to another team scenario utterly unimaginable. Just -- week ago. Tebow was not available for comment. But whatever happens next he has surely already learned -- Manning says he learned from the colts cut him after fourteen years. Football he -- a business. And an ensemble sentimental business to -- apparently with some very unsentimental fans there in Denver the Denver Post. -- the sources saying that Tebow is philosophical about abroad meanwhile Manning continues his tour of the half dozen or so teams that would love to land him. He's expected make -- decision in the next couple of days could be Denver which based -- could be. No more need to -- this call I've been telling you that. -- -- --

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{"id":15896438,"title":"Tim Tebow Getting the Ax?","duration":"0:37","description":"Denver Broncos in talks with Peyton Manning to replace their most famous player.","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-ax-15896438","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}