Tim Tebow Jets Trade: Quarterback to New York

The Denver Broncos traded the QB after picking up Peyton Manning.
2:44 | 03/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Tebow Jets Trade: Quarterback to New York
Well I don't know have you heard. Guess who's coming to town -- two the joy of New York tabloid headline writers everywhere can give on his way. To play for the GE TS jets jets couldn T hill going down -- -- -- -- -- typical people -- -- everybody on the edges of their seats you think this is -- -- work and then vote the source Tim -- Big Apple bound and. More agony is of course is ought to tell my personal favorite headline. God yeah let's get it now for a moment there it seemed a little if -- if the jets would actually cough up the millions written in fine print that they. Initially overlooked but last night they sealed the deal in the NFL sensation is. Some -- Tebow as a godsend but for others there is great weeping and gnashing of teeth. Tim Tebow of them highly doubt Christian has been attempted by the biggest apple of the -- New York City overnight -- New York -- to curbing the man many saw as a miracle -- Denver. Come play -- -- -- something could use a little. Divine intervention. New York will now have two highly were -- devoutly Christian athletes knicks point guard Jeremy Lin also deepened. The latest created a crush of -- sanity just last month -- -- -- -- even bonded over their shared faith. Lee insanity and Tebow mania sounds like a match made in heaven and new radio ten -- -- -- Leave little room for the holy ghost and but it's all playing out in Gotham city from the streets of Manhattan to the runways -- New York's LaGuardia Airport. In fact some fans and even -- the -- -- Batman and Robin -- -- -- gonna clean up the streets of New York fork beat together for the apocalypse one fan wrote. I don't know that New York sports needed anything to make it more exciting her crazier more fun more interesting. But it just became -- crazier more fun more interest. But our New Yorkers really ready to Tebow putting their passion on display by striking TiVo's prayer posed. After all hell hath no fury like a scorned New York sports fan this is insane. -- -- at the jets do this. It's already have a starting quarterback in -- and chants which prompted jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie to tweet. Why bring -- -- when we need to bring in more weapons for Mark Sanchez let's build the team around him. While people may not be the -- -- every jets prayers. New Yorkers could stand to have just a little more faith. With a new will Lindsay Jamie Lynn Tim Tebow plus Twitter equals -- -- that's the had a lot of hello thanks -- -- idea.

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{"id":15977072,"title":"Tim Tebow Jets Trade: Quarterback to New York","duration":"2:44","description":"The Denver Broncos traded the QB after picking up Peyton Manning.","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-jets-trade-quarterback-york-15977072","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}