Tim Tebow: The Pressure Is On

Broncos QB about to go head-to-head with Patriots Tom Brady.
2:56 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Tim Tebow: The Pressure Is On
What will be the biggest game in -- -- young career playoff showdown tonight. Against the mighty New England Patriots this is going to be a clash of the polar opposites the devoutly Christian -- and open evangelical a self described virgin. Going up against the three time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady a man who swears like a sailor and is married to a supermodel -- is back. With a look at this epic matchup. This is an epic match to match up -- and they're expected to be listen to this seven billion people watching tonight's game that is every human being on earth. Well maybe not quite that good but more than forty million people are expected be -- glued to the -- -- two of the year's most exciting quarterbacks. With two very different styles and very different personalities. Go at it. -- -- -- This is gonna -- -- For -- that New England Patriots and -- get a chance to play Tom Brady Bill Belichick it's another round of the playoffs and that's exciting there's definitely -- heightened sense of intensity the pregame hype has been inescapable on the number of newspapers magazines and fodder for late night comedians like -- now ladies and gentlemen. -- -- Those squeaky clean image and make him a target for satire but also a hero to millions it is. There's kneeling in prayer after -- -- -- Boeing as it's now known is practically woven into American sports and popular culture. Tim Tebow started this season as a second -- second stringer who almost nobody thought was ready for prime time. Then came the miracles a string of improbable late game victories. And a star was -- There's want to -- -- word savior Jesus Christ but Tom Brady is still the man when it comes to football exploits he's the guy with the three Super Bowl rings. And the mega million dollar endorsements. You know it's crazy Tebow is actually more popular than Tom Brady and absolutely no sense. It's a great is one of the greatest quarterbacks Baltimore -- still in just three months TiVo's popularity has skyrocketed and the endorsement deals are pouring in. One marketing firm -- the Tivo brand is already surpassed Brady's it's almost as strong as Tom Hanks. Still not quite his strongest Lady -- Tim vs Tom comparisons are flooding the web no not football stats but. Pressing questions -- looks better in a hat holding the trophy war with their mom. None of which will matter that kick off tonight. And don't -- sports fans we have been here before the patriots play the Broncos just a few weeks ago the Brady Bunch pounded Tebow and his teammates. 4123. Ouch but if the Broncos are going to win Tebow and estimates and have to reach deep into their bag of miracles but hey it's not like -- to put -- in -- through. I wouldn't write him off.

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{"id":15360615,"title":"Tim Tebow: The Pressure Is On","duration":"2:56","description":"Broncos QB about to go head-to-head with Patriots Tom Brady. ","url":"/GMA/video/tim-tebow-pressure-15360615","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}