'Once Upon a Time' Star Jennifer Morrison Takes You to Neverland

The actress offers a sneak peek at the new season of the hit ABC show.
2:35 | 10/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Once Upon a Time' Star Jennifer Morrison Takes You to Neverland
Happy birthday. I'm here with jennifer morrison. Welcome back. Third season for "puns upon a time." We want to give everybody a sneak speak of next sunday's episode. You're on a search for your lost sun, henry. You confront the lost boys of neverland. Take a look. We just need you to deliver a message to henry. Why should I help you? Because you had a home and family once. We can help not just henry. All of you. We can get you home. Don't you get it? I'm here because I don't want to go home. None of us do. He's a monster. Look what he did to you. He didn't do that. Henry did. Whoa. Playing with your head a little there. Pretty intense. It's been an exciting season. We've been having a good time. Henry was kidnapped into neverland. Now we have all joined forces to go and try the save him from the evil peter pan. I have seen you were brought up to do this job. Pretty much. 30 times to disney world? By the time I was 18, I had been there like 30 times. We would take a trip three times a year. My parents loved it. We would drive from chicago to disney world. I feel like I was doing research seasons since I was born. What is the big surprise? We're going to quite a bit because neverland makes it so that you really can't have your guard up. You return to your feelings of your childhood. Everyone is operating out of a more raw place. We're much more emotional, volatile, and intense. So there's definitely a heightened amount of conflict. And henry's life is in danger. The stakes are high for all of us. We're going through a lot to try to get to him. This job is not enough. You have not one but two movies coming out? I do. I did a film called "some girls" it was released this summer, it's now available on itunes and netflix. And I did "event 15" that just premiered in zurich. I just shot a film called "the list." Hopefully, that will be out within the year. Fantastic. Thank you. "Once upon a time" airs sundays at 8:00.

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{"id":20632900,"title":"'Once Upon a Time' Star Jennifer Morrison Takes You to Neverland","duration":"2:35","description":"The actress offers a sneak peek at the new season of the hit ABC show.","url":"/GMA/video/time-star-jennifer-morrison-takes-neverland-20632900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}