Gunn, Garcia to Join Robin on Oscar Red Carpet

Robin Roberts announces five "GMA" favorites who will help cover the Oscars.
3:37 | 02/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gunn, Garcia to Join Robin on Oscar Red Carpet
Until recently until Oscar Sunday big night for the movie's big night for our star Robin Roberts all going to be hosting the red carpet show for the third time around him taking us this morning -- I feel like I'm cheating on you Georgia. Nothing of -- -- -- joining me there on the red carpet. Front of that revolution my good friend Tim Gunn then to -- And he'll be doing all the fashion for -- -- -- did we're gonna have a black zero we will have all this I'm willing to back again yeah I don't. Yeah. We -- from Entertainment Weekly. Really -- and up the joint Nina Garcia from Project Runway you know here's. Just my girlfriend -- here they'll be it CNN. And we also welcome Louise -- fashion editor at large for glamour welcome thank can't -- what you see. I -- -- -- my class get as well it's it's gonna be so much fun. Having if I remember your favorite looks from last year. Whom Mila Kunis -- one and on how the way. Was another. Along Jennifer Hudson Gwyneth Paltrow it was a great year it really was in the fashion was there and I know -- you're going to be backstage. For -- getting -- those exclusive scoops and it really seems like it's gonna come down with best actress -- real -- it's a great Rivera says. Merrill street Viola Davis I -- lots of other great women in the category two but. It's really too close to call at this point because that Merrill just won the baptists. Last night -- and you know -- as well a lot of other stuff so it's going to be really investing say. -- who you wearing this -- -- and how does -- out. I am airliner at our pool this pool I was thinking of wearing him -- -- I was yeah. And she's yeah yeah. It didn't options open the -- you think we're going to be saying you know we're gonna see a lot of color and a lot of shine. And home via a lot of shine a lot of -- so far and you know for fall Burgundy the new black so who knows. OK now I have to rethink what I'm that aware that -- yeah. I think you can trying to -- and bring. Kyra well. -- you gotta -- you've got to set the table for us as you're gonna be right there at the arrival passed off yet. Think Russia that Russia and even I'm sure you watch the Oscars over the years although -- part of it. Not these deals I was just amazing and I was that recent needs to the world and I -- -- criminal mind. Sweeney is -- -- of the media and imagine having a traffic from -- some really funny saying this it's awesome in my. What if they don't get rid of its full breadth of the I'm going to be left out into the final round with a blunt and equipment the it does Jeff write it and didn't look at. So probably got a thousand likes -- -- -- given two hands in the last image she got to give us one more. Well endgame in del last year -- like that they'll vote kept shifting army a little bit but. I don't know I really have to and possibly if we think because of what Mena said because of direction I was going with a roof at different. But nobody -- -- -- when you're out there right. Whatever it is comfort creates confidence so you have to be comfortable remembers -- and as -- -- -- make it work yes -- moment of -- -- you always do. How -- Saturday backed for a third time real I have goose bumps now and it's. -- -- even what we're getting closer. But it still -- until he -- -- excellent I'm looking forward to it I'm looking forward to it. Okay thanks like -- you can see all the red carpet action at the Academy Awards and Oscar Sunday February 26.

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{"id":15573351,"title":"Gunn, Garcia to Join Robin on Oscar Red Carpet","duration":"3:37","description":"Robin Roberts announces five \"GMA\" favorites who will help cover the Oscars.","url":"/GMA/video/timm-gunn-nina-garcia-join-robin-roberts-oscar-15573351","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}