D-I-Y Tips to Transform a Small Room

Lara Spencer and Jonathan Adler show how the right color can make all of the difference.
2:33 | 05/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for D-I-Y Tips to Transform a Small Room
Welcome to my dressing -- I now. Not pretty but it's going to be. Are you here. Here I need to figure out how to make happy -- -- and you -- -- -- color. He's colors are getting -- it's so easy for anybody use -- but it's also intimidating and especially when you have to work with -- -- hot. To the -- Walls -- with the ball is pretty. Won't be -- love wallpaper -- people involved in -- what's your number one -- to. -- might not want wallpaper that is more more more what you can always get our if -- -- lieutenant junior varsity about it you just the wall behind your back. Right that's making dvd -- widening again. One wall one don't think I actually love about this and this was -- stressing -- And she created this little game that area -- -- -- our schedule has come in handy. However I never know exactly do I use of bed spread tonight do fabric should I do when Toshiba. -- pierce I treat this as a room in my house president workspace I think this should be. -- -- -- It's between belief. So I think what -- students do better but -- break here on. Going down the -- recovered there is all right really simple let -- now and totally DIY like I'm all about simple. So what's your philosophy on small spaces -- color my. Small spaces should be going to -- so they should be. Luxurious and full of -- full color that make them come to life and -- DIY tipoff be looking for her little like birth. Kurtz yeah this is going to be -- chandelier. She easily hurt us why it's so great that they Gannon DIY he doesn't -- like -- library things -- plus it -- -- -- -- in the Wal-Mart chain and just. It can be -- does not mean -- just something just hardware store chain. A plug in and see you don't have to -- it now Nolan can it be just like. -- it that you any kids aren't -- feeling -- and my isn't it funny -- -- Just a couple pieces just something you know I think he'd gone you know -- on the -- -- -- -- I'll bring in my my daughter is prolific Bogota. I'll bring you -- choices. Wait for a -- damn well know -- oh my gosh Palm Beach in the middle of midtown Manhattan the well. So -- but you're OK with me seeing Kelly green with a short -- The turquoise -- talent renters together -- I would never think of mixing all of these that there hallway area happy right guys -- it and let. They -- -- it is so where we stutter let's don't.

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{"id":19185228,"title":"D-I-Y Tips to Transform a Small Room","duration":"2:33","description":"Lara Spencer and Jonathan Adler show how the right color can make all of the difference.","url":"/GMA/video/tips-transform-small-room-19185228","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}