Tips to Achieve Gym Workouts Right at Home

HGTV's Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri explain how to transform your home into a gym.
2:32 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Tips to Achieve Gym Workouts Right at Home
Meet the singer family. Mom, lisa, dad, thomas, and their two teens, jonas and claire. This year, the family has a shared resolution, to get in better shape. My goal is to stay in shape by continuously exercising. I want to work on my muscles. I want to lose 50 pounds, which is a very aggressive goal for the year. Reporter: The sin say they have tried joining gyms unsuccessfully. They're getting very expensive. Reporter: While they have exercise equipment of their own, the problem is, most is in the deep, dark basement. kind of cluttered. And it's really cold down there. There's a lot of spiders down there. Reporter: What does this family need? We need a family gym. Reporter: Fortunately, we knew just who to call. Hgtv kitchen cousins, anthony carino and john. The basement is scary. It is. Reporter: The cousins were sizing up that basement. Taking measurements, fielding requests. I'd like to have an open space where I can do more stretching and dancing type stuff. Reporter: The cousins say there's keys. First, maximize available space. Right now, downstairs there's no open area. We want to open up that space. Reporter: Second, let there be light. No one wants to work out in a place dark or scary. We're going with colors that are bright. Want to warm up the floors. Reporter: And great workout equipment doesn't have to come in great big packages. The gym thing has changed. It's doing things and using objects you would never think of using. You don't have a big piece of equipment taking up this space. No peeking for a week. Promise? Reporter: After a week of construction, the singers were ready for the big reveal. The results -- oh, my god. Wow. Reporter: Behold the difference. Here was the basement before. And now, the home gym after. Mirrors to line the walls. Perfect for dancing and creating the illusion of more space. For jonas and thomas, a rack of kettle balls and weights. Half the size of the workout machinery but just as effective. And for the entire family, built-in storage. And a show-stopping flat-screen tv. THAT WHEN COUPLED WITH A Wii System, can be used to play workout video games. Best of all, say the cousins, the basement doesn't feel so dark, thanks to the newly-painted white walls. The family's reaction? 2013. Terrific.E two guys responsible for the home gym.

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{"id":18247770,"title":"Tips to Achieve Gym Workouts Right at Home","duration":"2:32","description":"HGTV's Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri explain how to transform your home into a gym.","url":"/GMA/video/tips-turn-clutter-workout-area-18247770","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}