Maguire Reveals What DiCaprio Said in 'Gatsby' Call

Actor discusses how he decided to take on the role of Nick Carraway in "The Great Gatsby."
4:37 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for Maguire Reveals What DiCaprio Said in 'Gatsby' Call
All th stars stopping by. We're thrilled to kick it off with none otherhan tobey maguire. here. We're excited to be here. Coming on after robert downey. You got a call from your long-time friend, leo, about doing the film. He said, I was talking to baz luhrmann. He's talking about doing "the great gatsby." And we were discussing you and i playing nick and jay. Are you available to come over and hang out with me and baz. I lived next door to leo at the time. It wasn't a far journey. You want to come next door, kikt around. Maybe in four year, you'll be sitting around talking about "the great gatsby." Were you familiar with it before that? I had some what embarrassingly not read the book that point. I read it over the next two nights. I have read the book. Saw both films. Highly entertaining. Just action-packed. Beautifully done. How do you describe it? I don't know how the describe the friends and your character, nick. In terms of a movie going experience, baz set outo create something new. A different kind of experience. Baz has -- such great ability with the different tools he's using. Whether it be music or fashion or desig or the photography. And just layering all of those things to create a really immersive experience. And, you know, think everybody is terrific in the film, of course, biased. Leo is -- is -- you know, just does a fantastic job as gatsby. And carey and joel and isla and jason and elizabeth. And everybody. It's great cast. Carey plays daisy buchanan. You go to visit her. Do they miss me in chicago? Uh, yes, um -- at least a dozen people send their love. How gorgeous. They're absolutely in mourning. They're crying, yes, they're wailing. I don't believe it. They're shouting daisy buchanan, I can't live without you. I'm paralyzed with happiness. There is something about her voice. It draws you in. It draws you in like that. I had heard baz and leo were out there meeting the -- the greatest actresses of our time, and -- you know, a lot of this is about fit and so -- I know they worked with carey and baz showed me this sort of compilation reel he was putting together, way, like his vision for the film. He was exploring it and building on it. He played it back. I heard carey. He put her in there. I heard her do one line in it and immediately, you just went, that's daisy. She is. She does. She becomes daisy. Some of the favorite scenes, though, those party scenes. JAY GATSBY KNEW HOWsCb TO THROW A Party. He sure did. You don't usually see this. Pele had camera phones out behind the cameras shooting those scenes. You know, you would see 30 or 40 camera phones up recording that. It was spectacular. It just as a -- on the large scale, it's -- you have wow moments like that, but then, working on t sets every day. And working in those costumes, you see the thought that guess into it. The detailing. It's really story telling. You know, it really helps the story unfold. Helps the tra jjectory of the character. I love working with katherine martin, who designed the sets and costumes. You're give a lot ofcredit. You bring out the character nick. You're vulnerable but awkward. It's just -- thank you. Baz and all could not say enough about you. Thank you. It's a great way to kick off gatsby week. I'm excited to be here with you. "The great gatsby" opens on FRIDAY, MAY 10th.

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{"id":19065753,"title":"Maguire Reveals What DiCaprio Said in 'Gatsby' Call","duration":"4:37","description":"Actor discusses how he decided to take on the role of Nick Carraway in \"The Great Gatsby.\"","url":"/GMA/video/tobey-maguire-interview-great-gatsby-actor-reveals-contents-19065753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}