Toddler with dairy allergy dies after preschool allegedly fed him a grilled cheese sandwich

The parents speak out after, they say, their 3-year-old died after having an allergic reaction to the cheese.
5:47 | 11/10/17

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Transcript for Toddler with dairy allergy dies after preschool allegedly fed him a grilled cheese sandwich
Now to a family's demand for answers. Their 3-year-old boy tragically died after eating a grilled cheese sandwich at preschool. His parents claim he was given the sandwich even though the school knew he was severely allergic to dairy and spoke with Adrienne Bankert. Good morning, Adrienne. Reporter: Good morning, everybody. Yes, this is a terrible tragedy. Now this father is hoping his child's life serves as a warning for others. This morning, outrage as details emerge about the death of 3-year-old Elijah Silvera. Something so simple could have been avoided if they would have just followed or paid attention to my son's needs. Reporter: Elijah's father saying he was at pre-k when he suffered a severe allergic reaction after being fed a grilled cheese sandwich last Friday. They allegedly called family members instead of 911, the boy's mother, not an ambulance rushing him to the hospital. I kept praying and praying and it was like, you know, this cannot happen. Reporter: Silvera says by the time he arrived he was too late. My wife comes out and I think everything is okay because she has her face seemed Normal but as I got closer she fell to the floor. Reporter: According to Silvera it was well documented his son had a dairy allergy and how dangerous it was for him to eat certain foods. He was an asthmatic and he had like so many different allergies from dairy was like the main source, peanuts, all berries. He was that kid that we had to watch over very seriously. We carried this emergency pack that would have benadryl and have tylenol that will have his epipen. I'm a chronic asthmatic myself and suffer from allergies so having that, you know, and, you know having that I know all the signs. Reporter: Several city agencies are looking into his death. The administration of children's services which runs the early education program tells us the New York City health department ordered the center to close. We expect in the investigation that we will learn more about the specific protocols that this particular site had in place. Elijah was strong, he was a fighter and I'm going to keep fighting for that boy just so people know that, you know, this is not the end of Elijah. Now, obviously the family devastated. With we talked to children's services staff they told us the school's executive director was very emotional and say nothing has ever happened at the school before like this. The school is clear of violations. You heard Thomas say they always had an emergency kit. With an epipen. It's just not clear if that kit was at the school with Elijah. Michael. Thank you very much, Adrienne. Here with Dr. Jen Ashton. Help us understand about these food allergies and we hear about food allergies, doc but mostly about nuts. Right. What exactly do we know about dairy allergies. When you think about food allergies there are eight common allerg Aller allergys. Dairy and milk, 2.5% of children, that's theirs. This is a partial list of things that can contain milk or dairy. So I like to say it's probably easier to know what you can eat than what you can't eat and with a 3-year-old or someone who is just barely verbal it can be really, really difficult. What about anaphylactic shock? There are a lot of myths about Anna father lack cyst. The biggest one if you don't have hives, that can't be an anaphylactic reaction. That's false. 20% don't have skin findings. 0% of people who die in anaphylaxis don't have hives. The other one things tend to get worse and worse. 30% of the allergic reactions in schools in the last couple of years were the first time those people manifested food reactions so can come out of the blue and your past reaction does not predict the present or the future. And this is scary. The audience went whoa when they heard about it. What is your advice for parents with small children, with allergies who have to go to school. Look, I think they have to have a plan and that is key and that plan needs to be reviewed every year, sometimes multiple types a year with the teachers, the bus driver, the school nurse and there has to be a clear chain of events that involve the sign, symptoms, recognizing a possible reaction and the immediate use of an epinephrine auto injector if necessary and, Michael, I was telling you this hits home for me. I have had an anaphylactic reaction and developed them in my 30s so this is mine and I carry two of them with me at all times. Safe to carry them. Better safe than sorry. Yeah, and people need to know how to use them. I want to briefly show you because there are a lot of different products on the market. They all contain epinephrine. This one is actually comes with a trainer so I want you to listen to this. Pull off the top. This trainer contains no needle or drug. It talks to you. Okay. So this one talks you through it. Literally talks you through it and then the epinephrine auto injectors. People need to know how to use them. Take it out and pull off the blue top and apply steady firm pressure to the upper outer thigh even if you have to put it through clothing and hold it there for at least ten seconds until you hear a click release and then you call 911 and you go to the emergency room. People need to know how to use them. You might not only have to save your own life but someone else's. One thing to have it, another to know how to use it. We appreciate you, doc. Yeah, such important information.

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{"id":51054912,"title":"Toddler with dairy allergy dies after preschool allegedly fed him a grilled cheese sandwich","duration":"5:47","description":"The parents speak out after, they say, their 3-year-old died after having an allergic reaction to the cheese. ","url":"/GMA/video/toddler-dairy-allergy-dies-preschool-allegedly-fed-grilled-51054912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}