'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom on 'Pretty Woman' Outfit

Find out what to expect on the hit TLC show this season.
4:43 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom on 'Pretty Woman' Outfit
TLC's hit show toddlers and -- is back tonight with all those little girls according spray -- -- shadow him across the table -- beauty queen brown. As you know the -- of course its share of controversy to ABC's Andrew Kim gives us a look at what to expect this season. Snow glitz the glamour. And now -- Rocco. Contestant number 38 at -- go -- a life of big hair -- and lots of makeup mixed with some tears. The yeah. Aiming for that coveted crown and that fan made of cash every pint size -- dream and -- -- -- -- fans have seen it's an extreme like we've never seen before and it all started with a hit show toddlers and tiara as. It brought beauty pageants to a new level spotlighting pushy moms and preschoolers made up like showgirls. A lot of attention that came with even more criticism and -- The biggest part of the backlash -- seeing as it is people have a hard time seeing little girls looking so grown up. Yes and I -- try to be careful what that I do allow her to use some hair extensions and makeup and so -- but I do regulate it. Because it can't get on the political crazy in a report that's. -- -- Your -- -- -- and what would you differently keeping him. Paisley -- recently -- lady got up for the darling divas pageant held -- New York City. A much Tamer costume that she -- earlier this year. Donning thigh high boots a blue mini skirted blonde wig. A knockoff of Julia Roberts prostitute character from pretty woman how things been for you since. That whole thing kind of -- It's actually been really crazy. I had no idea that it would get that far that it would be blown that far out of proportion and it was comical -- -- comical the Althea was not sexy. It was tacky and hideous it was comical it was nothing more than a cost -- Just weeks later Paisley mom Wendy took heat again when she dressed Paisley as a biker babe for Halloween. TMZ was harsh posting the caption from baby hooker costume to biker vixen. Blogs and web sites bashed her for exploiting her three year old daughter. It was very hard and the worst things you know people look at Kimelman anonymously -- that they were saying anything and everything you know. Woman at around -- is going to -- thanks a -- to three year old daughter. On the new season of toddlers and -- as the theatrics didn't disappoint the meltdowns and hair car -- biggest ever. One mother admits she wanted to have just girls. When I was pregnant and I found I was having a boy has quite upset because actually have the children so that we could do the pageants have you felt the backlash from. Society friends family. Being a part of us yes some of my friends and family have -- what was the purpose and what exactly -- what kind of benefit as my daughter getting out of it and did not -- see the whole point of pageantry but essence really has a good time and she really enjoys being on stage. This is five year old Julianne. She enjoyed ballet and that is gymnastics. Singing. And -- Do you ever worry she's going up too fast. Now. If you see her at home like she's all she does this color and play into -- -- tractor -- -- fall fair you know like she's just a regular kid moms like Elizabeth Barrett say the pageant circuit gets a bad rap because of what shown on TV. The singing screaming kids having their -- pulled him not wanting to get an icon. You know crying kicking screaming on stage can I think. They're not seeing you know I'd like to sit them down and chilling video of my daughter on the -- you can't think that's life -- a time when you don't wanna -- pageant. -- Now six year old Casey Watkins is -- to the pageant scene but mom Melissa make sure that that's not all she focuses on -- not just about pageants Casey that's other things we have a lot of family time is something that she's doing right now makes I have. -- the end goal. With patton's. The first both have fun but I'd say the -- goal is confident happy -- Come on down -- More of these moms are being honest perhaps a shot -- Miss America some day for Good Morning America injury handing ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Find out what to expect on the hit TLC show this season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15103422","title":"'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom on 'Pretty Woman' Outfit","url":"/GMA/video/toddlers-tiaras-returns-15103422"}