'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star's Strong Words on Camera

Brand new feuds on this controversial reality series.
5:09 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star's Strong Words on Camera
We've seen the moms go ahead and I'm TLC's Tyler TR is -- -- kids are getting into the act too. This season we're seeing a brand new star causing all kinds of trouble even sparking a -- -- a three year old. ABC's indicating -- -- this latest reality controversy deep breaths for -- -- do you. -- this is now also about to stage moms and a very public feud it all stems from a prostitute cautions that cost you one of the little girls weren't a pageant. Five year old competitor Isabella -- attacked that little girl. She and her mom are now making accusations that she is single handedly brought down the pageant industry. Some are calling her the new it girl on the right side pageant circuit. -- TV perfect now change. Come on you're steamy air -- since. Isabella Barrett has been featured on toddlers and tiara is and has her very -- -- in -- called beauty queen and in the death. 15 year old even recently launched her own jewelry and -- -- line. -- -- the new it girl on the pageant circuit. Adding that the wind -- -- yes. -- really think that you like being the new it girl. -- being let down the -- Tell mainly to go on the TV show her and going nineteen -- Aaron playing parent -- room. But -- no she's. Didn't that kindergartners seems to be getting more attention over an often had. Sexy singing. Starting at kitty cat fight with -- toddlers and -- -- -- three year old Paisley didn't need. For biting words were under pressure off a spray tanning session. Isabella attacking -- for dressing like the prostitute in pretty woman and and for copying her tanning style. -- why did you say those things to the camera about -- None Tony fifteen then. Did you actually feed her those lines. Children pick up on things and I should never have pushed my personal -- through my daughter however the fact still remains that. She did this and she gained national attention for it. Paisley is mother Wendy -- fired back sending Susanna this FaceBook message. What you did to my child is going to backfire in your face it's a shame that you think this is the way for you to get attention for Isabella. You're obviously a sick person to do this to a child my child -- what you did will not profit you or Isabella. I think it was clear that I did attack. -- Dickey and not her daughter Paisley it does feel like a little bit of attack and attack -- It did and that's why -- -- personal you know Asian net an apology right away. And I also reached out -- to say. -- made a mistake -- a mom Wendy -- addressed the costume controversy when we caught up with her last month that this pageant in New York City. The -- it was not sexy. It was tacky and hideous it was comical it was nothing more than a costly and there's a lot of bashing so there's a lot of negativity out there that's how to that the sound. To get things and people who -- know what kind of -- -- home. You said that you feel like. Paisley is mom and Paisley single handedly brought down the pageant industry that possible for one mother daughter team to bring down the whole. Industry well I think when you Google tops and TR is. TLC isn't the first thing that comes up. You know -- he did that night immediately -- with America to just make a decision the toddler throw down it is ironic since Isabel -- causes anti bullying. Still the mother daughter team says their pageant intentions come from a good place. -- followed in the footsteps of her older sister Victoria had entered pageants to heal emotionally after she was attacked by a group of girls. I needed plastic surgery to reconstruct her face what kind of -- to fix your face. -- -- -- For for a bronze -- and and my nose throughout my eye sockets she says pageant saved her after a therapist recommended they could rebuild her self esteem. I that is chubby child doesn't believe and -- even before the incidents. And -- I did it feel nice and I did it for the first time in. It was great actually want to -- pageant Isabel is now selling -- girl charm bracelets with messages like best smile best hair and part of the proceeds going to charity. Your message and anti bullying do you think that when you do something like this and -- controversy happened that it takes away from the message. It's all about what I do. Friends and I and that's why I want to do to stop think he -- I really think. Stop think you feel about what I did and I want to make it right and I think everybody. Knows everybody says. Well you be the judge -- Dickey tells GMA Susanna Barrett never issued a public or private apology she just wants to move on she wants the family -- alone and her daughter at this point.

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{"id":15345611,"title":"'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star's Strong Words on Camera","duration":"5:09","description":"Brand new feuds on this controversial reality series. ","url":"/GMA/video/toddlers-tiaras-season-heats-stars-issues-strong-words-15345611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}