Tom Corbett Urges Penn State to Move Quickly

Governor of Pennsylvania presses the university to act fast on sex scandal.
4:04 | 11/12/11

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Transcript for Tom Corbett Urges Penn State to Move Quickly
Let's bring in now the governor of Pennsylvania whose name is Tom Corbett. And he's really been deeply involved in the response to this crisis urging Penn State to move quickly and force forcefully governor let me first say I know you're busy man we really appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. -- -- -- Let me ask you about your concerns about today when you and I spoke yesterday you said you worry that there might be some misbehavior by the students are you still worried. And what are you doing to prepare for that. Well but by the students is a group I'm not worried about that -- -- the as I said the other day and a knucklehead here -- -- of course we have to worry about that but. You have to be heartened by the actions of the students last night. That was his student run. Memorial -- Ryan. Brought together. Talking to people about the issue of child abuse. I'm very proud of those students if you know I met with the leaders for about an hour yesterday -- recommended had them. Talk to you -- your questions of the media. They aren't taking control of this as from their perspective and I think it's something that has begun. When asked about Michael Cleary so much anger directed at this man who says he witnessed Jerry sandusky abusing a child in the showers and didn't physically intervened to stop it. Late yesterday the new president of Penn State cities putting the query on administrative leave. Are you will. Frustrated that he can't be fired or why can't he be fired given that Joseph Paterno -- -- -- Well -- as I indicate he yesterday because that was the attorney general who began this investigation. It's very hard for me talking about this directly. But many times two witnesses involved in cases. You have to treat them a little bit differently. You have to. Consider. There -- playing rights -- if -- the state university. There are many different issues but I look at different point of attorney general. I want to keep my witnesses. Inconsistency are consistent with me -- is to -- their story I don't want him to lose confidence in the prosecution. Such a delicate situation as you say you were the attorney general who kicked this investigation off. You've prosecuted sexual predators in the past do you suspect there will be more. Victims in this case giving your experience -- this kind of case. Well not talking about this case but as you know many times in other cases. When somebody finally comes forward. He have good people that are charged with this it is not uncommon to see additional victims come forward. I believe there are reports at least one other victim has come forward so far. I would not be surprised to see more come forward. -- -- is an astonishing tidbit buried in New York Times story that the grand jury report that it contains so much graphic detail actually was not supposed to be publicly released. Who was only publicly released because of a computer glitch. Is that true and in the end was the public release of that report perhaps a good thing. It is true because of a computerized system at the office of administrative courts here in Pennsylvania that way things work. It was prematurely released the whole thing was released a little sooner than I think the attorney general -- -- to do. I think the fact what the charges are would have been released -- -- is the report would have been released after the arrest. But. I think people need to know with the allegations are. Again I remind everybody needs are only allegations anybody charged under these charges are presumed innocent. And it's important for people to keep that in mind but it allows people particularly if this other potential victims out there. To know that authorities are doing something about it when we learned of it it takes time take some time. And that if there are other victims out there we urge them to come forward. Governor thank you so much perhaps new victims to come perhaps more charges to come we appreciate your time this morning thank you again.

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{"id":14939097,"title":"Tom Corbett Urges Penn State to Move Quickly","duration":"4:04","description":"Governor of Pennsylvania presses the university to act fast on sex scandal. ","url":"/GMA/video/tom-corbett-urges-penn-state-move-quickly-sex-scandal-alleged-abuse-victims-us-14939097","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}