Tom Cruise, Church of Scientology Wife Auditions: Real or Rumor?

Katrina Szish and Brian Balthazar discuss the latest Hollywood gossip.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Tom Cruise, Church of Scientology Wife Auditions: Real or Rumor?
Shocking allegations the October issue of Vanity Fair of that claim that the church of Scientology's allegedly. Auditioned at love interest for Tom Cruise according -- article one of the women was. Amazon -- says it. Not as -- mean -- -- not need a -- you got a beautiful beautiful actress we never seen -- before. We spoke to the author of the peace on Good Morning America this morning here's -- -- -- If he wanted to really a soul mate in science psychology and he is considered by the head of the church has been he has been called the second -- -- for. Important person in the religion and so he wanted someone. Or they wanted someone that he could feel very comfortable with and and and -- -- so late in the religion. I was Reid's response to Elizabeth Vargas asking her really auditions as Tom Cruise wouldn't need that again Maria Norton -- -- -- Tom Cruise is wraps -- claim the report is false and the Turks and psychology vehemently. Denies the allegations saying and I do quote there was no project secret or otherwise. Ever conducted by the church to find a bride the allegation. An entire premise of the Vanity Fair article he's totally false and quote meanwhile representatives for Katie Holmes stated she had no parts. The article and joining us now -- some insider perspective on Tom's relationship with Katie we have the editor of pop goes the weak dot com and an entertainment contributor extraordinaire. Brian Altidore and quick trip Katrina -- possession and trying to do master T with you know. -- I'm proud of this is this is Dicey and tricky and -- we're -- -- Brian because you spent some time traveling with Tom and Katie around the time of their engagement was. It was actually the time the engagement I was a journalist filing them for the war of the worlds tour it was 2005 and I was in Paris. With timing and the gang when he announced he was engaged. And and it was during that time that has kept everything felt very much like a show for the cameras this is -- -- of course my interpretation only but I'm there was one defining moment that I thought really spoke volumes -- have you ever been -- a party where someone's making -- right next to you. It's very uncomfortable you know. -- sleeping at the front Rosie well like it like eleven great dad right. Especially -- -- the front world SeaWorld you know where you can get splashed and that's it was here I was I'm just trying to train speed -- -- the trading for Tom. And and all the people from the film to go to -- -- transfer -- And his train car the fire but first -- was his alone and -- and them they invited us for an exclusive of him. Driving the train which is on track but this anyway so that we got on the -- -- -- waiting for time he was working the rest of the crowd. And then when he finally -- -- that freight train car it was the most kind of natural and relaxed and ever seen him but the minute that he saw us he grabbed Katie and started making out with her in a very. Very deliberate obvious way in a way it was. Definitely for our benefit but it doesn't say it wasn't a real relationship but -- just confirmed the idea that this felt so much like a show that was such as something to prove that they were in love. And it was really uncomfortable because we're as close if not closer than we are right here this is -- very awkward kind of feeling part and we want to ask you Katrina and you've covered him for years. So fitting really since that infamous Oprah couch jumping moment I've been covering this -- and -- -- sort of set the tone for this relationship. There were always very over the top in your face displays of affection always very public as Brian pointed out. I've seen them on the red carpet and it seemed like. They were always sort of looking for that photo op when naked grab each other do little groping a little making out if you see those pictures. They're always very -- -- it always looks like it's uncomfortable moment. I think -- we've also observed here even when there are print interviews there are. They always some very scripted. And again it always sounds like -- certain things they have to say they have to say about each other this just doesn't seem like. A real relationship. In that it doesn't feel as comfortable gases you're not occasionally find -- to your opinion yes absolutely Katrina. Mention Katie Holmes is that it is actually spoke to -- -- as yet no part in any article -- -- written by -- north -- be fair how is she doing. Hey he's doing great she's loving being here and the Big Apple and she's going to be on Broadway again -- this fall in a comedy she -- an episode of Project Runway and reportedly entering this week which is New York Fashion Week she'll be debuting her Holmes and -- collection her fashion collection -- -- that Katie is back on track doing great. Series ready to go to school and taken great. I'm Brian well again I think it's it's interesting I don't think that Katie had to have a part of this in fact what this article is claiming that it was really the first effort was to find people within Scientology's so it remains to be seen how much Katie may have been -- part of some sort of kind of auditioning process. What -- believe that there again Katrina Brent thank you both very much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Katrina Szish and Brian Balthazar discuss the latest Hollywood gossip.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17162103","title":"Tom Cruise, Church of Scientology Wife Auditions: Real or Rumor?","url":"/GMA/video/tom-cruise-church-scientology-wife-auditions-real-rumor-17162103"}