Tommaso the Cat Inherits $13 Million

A 4-year-old former stray was left a fortune by his childless owner.
2:14 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Tommaso the Cat Inherits $13 Million
This story is so preposterous that it's actually Olson a four year old verbal has just become a multimillionaire. He was a flea ridden Alley cats on the mean he ounces of -- until he was a plan kindly old lady and -- promising them. -- -- In the world it's a real life restrict its. Ups. Listen. The old lady suffered from loneliness explained parent Harrison. She looked up to that -- more than you'd look after a son. And promising you know can gorge -- old fancy feast he wants to lay in -- some old a I just hope the money doesn't change. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His thirteen male brings a minute number three. That's behind -- ship whose owner left and AT million dollars. -- and topping the list is top dog -- -- the four. A German shepherd who inherited 372. Million dollars from Wake Forest brought his father. Good -- the third. And remember Leona Helmsley left twelve million dollars to her little dog trouble and human descendants contested and troubles Paul was connected to bill. Policy note attached now lives -- -- secret location because com men are on his tail beauties Demi did and we've -- a lot of email messages as his lawyer and candidate wanted to dogs in the homes and -- And no doubt that few young good looking eighty cats -- floating around trying to. This -- it's. Now under Italian lol Thomas seen -- -- Actually get his polls all on the cash -- ladies national. Act as a trustee and that is the only sensible fact I can find it isn't the -- and epithets after the old lady what do you know about America. She was 94 years old all her husband was a rich property magnate and we know Robin and George she loved that little -- -- -- did. Where that's for sure thanks nick nurse is gonna have a good look at it moon.

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{"id":15139471,"title":"Tommaso the Cat Inherits $13 Million","duration":"2:14","description":"A 4-year-old former stray was left a fortune by his childless owner.","url":"/GMA/video/tommaso-italian-cat-inherits-13-million-15139471","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}