Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living

The "Who's The Boss" Star talks about his new Broadway gig and shares tips for staying healthy.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Transcript for Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living
Let's get we have again I want NN. The only he told me to. This is likely Kelly Williams you are likely multiple generations of best known there. But. You can probably hear what -- very big announcement about his latest project and to share a few secrets to staying healthy at work and at home so with no further ado. We'll -- president and I didn't see what -- hat well you know. Took home twenty years ago. I was meeting men's health Muslim women magazine initially came out I was I -- elected magazine -- them. And I'm I'm a sort of physical fitness guy idea that was a fight and when -- -- -- and you knew you get a tremendous amount of discipline because you know really -- training -- -- -- going to beat up again that we felt. So you know I'm I'm pretty good in that way but I. I was reading admitted in this in men's health that it should do you should try -- -- new missiles. And I don't submitted useful people you know and by the way I am an old person and the bulldogs' six I'm sixty I'm 65. Sixty sixty -- -- -- -- pop out of their socket I have listeners -- that accident 63 -- uncles an awful you're finally. Yeah. A -- of -- utter anyway -- so it's actually I tried it you know it's admittedly cholesterol -- and that's good -- and plus. I think you know -- a little bit of it was unlike lake a lot of of the physical fitness have to certain ages to make up for what else you do. You know like whether you eat too much to drink -- -- it was -- So the Metamucil became something of -- way to sort of make up for some damage but also it just made me feel better NN you know the the that what people think it's floor. I'm Italians don't have that problem. -- so I thought about it I'm sorry can you know. I cook when he doesn't thing that I will just say it for the record toning with the olive oil is meant. So that I have the -- option and I got -- So anyway so why -- men have brought the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in the and in attempting a campaign an attempt to raise awareness. For healthy living in for wellness and them. They crowd sourced organizations. Below the country over 15100 were -- what submitted. Most of these charitable organizations. You know the rule it's so funny don't -- -- giving back joke with Metamucil today. -- And I can't resist. So -- so they whittled that down because the and to ten nominees and the winner gets 200000 dollars off the -- two. Do or do more than you think dot com -- more than -- -- you -- -- you think dot com it's I think it's -- what did you think of -- and monuments and historic. But you more than you think dot com and you can bolt who runs the organization -- you think he's. Is the most deserving but -- in any case. It's a ways I think you know the whole country this is -- is -- -- that is. In -- wellness and we'll to a health care itself all of will probably more healthy -- healthier for -- -- -- come down. I just think it's it's city we should do -- as a -- -- come together as a country but also just as a way to to -- Give a good example to -- -- it is the reset for the youth I like that you not agree more really I mean if anything else. You know I I think about the little Tom I think. You know my I have three kids now get 2 grandkids now I am I'm community just crazed about. What -- -- up against because he's so much food. In our environment that's -- not good for us so eminently well you know -- -- -- a conflict that looked down. But but -- -- -- out of the -- good to have some of that is when you haven't moderation handy and understanding that there are choices and then the other thing is some from some exercise some some activity and and I hate to -- -- -- you know -- -- And that is yeah you do that every morning the senate who are doing wire which indeed Broadway oh yes I'm not -- Whom. But -- unit don't have Metamucil in Paris. I would and local government and innovator I would always going to be. -- Steven. Can't even think I saw my mind once I got identities that I can do they -- they have their parents on the young guys if -- -- anyway. -- within the suddenly say they didn't have anyway so Broadway. I got a great show on the. Publicly great to have been involved with the program for years it's a musical remake of the movie honeymoon in Vegas the ninety's movie -- McCain's -- Jessica Faulkner and that you become. And Jason Robert Brown the the he's an innocent show the bridges of Madison County opening the opening soon on Broadway. Prolific and just wonderful incredible score I mean really I'm -- be tight for hyperbole -- -- As West Side Story every attack greeted us and we didn't -- -- in in in Jersey Milburn great pulled down there. And them that he was well received and so we just waiting for theater it's really tough to get a theater you know. Which usually speaks to the relative health -- Broadway as a whole but. The other stuff -- -- but it's also if it's it was also did -- different. You know it when guys and dolls was it was a hit they've written for years. What did -- O'Neill just figured out how to have a never ending audience you -- 54 million tourists every year which is quick to get me wrong. But a show can last forever and ties up a lot of -- Tony -- everybody that yeah.

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{"id":22580100,"title":"Tony Danza on 'Honeymoon in Vegas' Play, Healthy Living","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Who's The Boss\" Star talks about his new Broadway gig and shares tips for staying healthy.","url":"/GMA/video/tony-danza-interview-2014-honeymoon-vegas-adapted-stage-22580100","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}