Tony Stewart in 2006: 'I Didn't Like Who I Was as a Person'

The NASCAR driver on what led to his seeing a psychologist for anger management.
3:24 | 08/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tony Stewart in 2006: 'I Didn't Like Who I Was as a Person'
You're right -- Two time NASCAR cup champion Tony Stewart is passionate just knowing that you -- fast -- Fiery there's got to make things you know about me and -- times honest look faults have been -- -- a wasn't as a person. Surprising for a driver who by all accounts is one of the best on any track. He started racing go carts when he was day working his way up to midget sprint cars -- Indy cars and before being named NASCAR's rookie of the year in 1999. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When we started it was state praised the so much because we were so honest about everything in and we didn't hi Michelle the drivers -- hide in and then you know. What finally got in some controversial situations and that turned around -- That's the driver known as smoke is the first to admit his bad -- Mullen and off the track his landed him in hot water one too many times faster. -- -- He describes a series of collisions with the media fans fellow drivers and his own crew. As embarrassing -- to step at a point where. Figure something else and I may not have had a job. After seeing a psychologist for anger management. Stewart made the decision to move from the fish bowl of stock car racing capital Charlotte, North Carolina to the comforts of -- who's your hometown. Columbus Indiana. Calling it a psychological pit stop you re connected with old friends not a case of puppy love -- -- the and even moved back into his childhood home two blocks from his old high school where the Coke machine now bears his photo. You know -- Indian in the atmosphere of clinching proof and that just made -- more comfortable from just bought happier and when he comes home he truly comes home. Two people that know him except Tim and it's just Tony not Tony and the celebrity Tony -- -- starter he's just -- me. The move paid off just nine months later he won the biggest race of his life here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And I. -- when the sentimental brickyard 400 and went on to win the 2005 NASCAR championship and victory he credits to Columbus. Does that put me in a frame of mind to put myself in the position where I could help the race team and you be more productive as a driver -- absolutely -- -- story. I was excited. Fresh -- radio I was ready to work. What would all the life changes some fans worried taking the fire out of smoke will turn them into a Manila driver. Stuart says not to worry he still off the beaten track. Just ask a couple of his biggest fans Mo -- his pet monkey and his tiger TNG almost fifteen year old trapped 34 -- body. So what's left for the man who surely go down in history as one of the greatest drivers of all time when they come -- -- number -- -- -- -- Then listen up ladies also on the list a life. Kids waiting at the finish line. We've never -- down young lady -- before when there are rough start tonight for Good Morning America -- headache ABC news Columbus Indiana.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The NASCAR driver on what led to his seeing a psychologist for anger management.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24931265","title":"Tony Stewart in 2006: 'I Didn't Like Who I Was as a Person'","url":"/GMA/video/tony-stewart-discusses-racing-temper-24931265"}