Tonya Harding's mother denies claims that she was abusive

Levona "Sandy" Golden reacts to the movie "I, Tonya" that depicts her daughter's life and declares she "didn't abuse any of my children."
3:04 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Tonya Harding's mother denies claims that she was abusive
that. We'll start this half hour with Tonya Harding's mother taking on her daughter's claims that she was abusive, those allegations resurfacing in the movie "I, Tonya." Tonya's mother is not holding back. She is speaking out to ABC news denying she was abusive to her daughter saying she worked several jobs at a time so she could afford things like skating lessons and costumes for Tonya. In her golden globe award winning performance, Allison Janney pore prays Tonya Harding's mother as an eccentric woman who wore a bird on her shoulder. Stop that. Reporter: And both physically and mentally abused her daughter. You're a monster. Spilled milk, baby. Reporter: A resemblance Harding describes as uncanny. She was fabulous. Reporter: For years Harding has alleged that abuse as seen inhe 1986 documentary "Sharp edges." Our relationship with my mom is really bad. She's not a good mother. She hits me and she beats me. She did it on a regular basis. Reporter: Harding tells ABC news' Amy robach about a time when she says her mother threw a steak knife at her. I was about ten feet from her. Where did it land? Right here. What's going through your mind at that moment gentleman. That she's freaking nuts. Crazy. Reporter: In her first interview since the film's premiere, Lavona "Sandy" golden denies that ever happened. No. Why would I throw a take knife at anybody? She wouldn't know what beating was. I didn't abuse any of my children. Reporter: Throughout Harding's childhood in Portland, Oregon, Golan says she worked two to three jobs a day to get by. Tonyaherself called us trailer trash. We were never trailer trash. We had a beautiful new trailer. Reporter: How would you describe your mom as a mother? Not a good one. I knew that she was drinking a lot. Like half of a thermos was brandy and the rest was coffee and that's at 4:30 in the morning. I would have coffee and sometimes I would put brandy flavoring in it. I love brandy flavoring. You can't get drunk on flavoring. Sorry to disappoint you. Now happily married with a young son, Harding says she doesn't want her mother anywhere near her family. Your mom has never met your son. Huh-uh. She wants forgiveness. She wants to see me. She wants to make amends. She wants to meet and be part of the family. Hell no. And we're hearing from Nancy Kerrigan for the first time since the movie "I, Tonya" came out. Kerrigan telling "The Boston globe" she hasn't watched the film saying it's not really part of my life and I was the vic. That's my role in this whole thing. She does admit that the movie thing has been bizarre for her. I can imagine. Weird position. Thanks, Linzie.

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{"id":52302692,"title":"Tonya Harding's mother denies claims that she was abusive","duration":"3:04","description":"Levona \"Sandy\" Golden reacts to the movie \"I, Tonya\" that depicts her daughter's life and declares she \"didn't abuse any of my children.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/tonya-hardings-mother-denies-claims-abusive-52302692","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}