Top 3 Celebrity Accessories for Less

Dress to impress with styles worn by Pippa Middleton, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift.
3:47 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Top 3 Celebrity Accessories for Less
-- always have an eye on celebrity style you can get their high fashion looks for much less you know where to lock him up. Fashion director of people -- watch. -- -- is back with that she knows that she's gonna join us now with us style secrets about the -- -- seemed to and what we love of people style watch is that even celebrities. Wanna get mileage and of their favorite -- so. Just didn't get right started and there we -- -- Middleton style she's so she. And she really gets a lot of mileage -- -- she is a great product bag -- -- red and gorgeous little flaps on London -- did you want them. Casually she's worn them for weren't recessionary. It adds color and polished everything she where existing analog scene and help us yeah absolutely back up. -- we have. Back -- messenger bag from side it's 8990 this is you know you're getting -- pieces without the product prices. I'm now in these restricted footwear ballet flats for 45 dollars so as you can see. You know I can't -- -- Look back I mean yeah. About backup backup backup at best record kept up its assistance saying look gray -- -- -- Taylor swept. Me -- a huge with the numbers oh yeah absolutely and I think one of the things that the younger -- find so appealing his person truly match the diocese alliance pretty little dresses and men you know that kind of retro feminine feel. And what compliments that looks so well she optimist when nine west -- -- which. Perfect match for her style so now we're gonna bring out -- Yeah. -- -- And unfortunately. Tim and Susan no longer available however Laura spent shoe dazzle are available for 39 -- hard -- -- are they not excuse. And let me tell you about last -- goes with everything is learning is. But immediately spot that's perfect look and good thank you so much now lastly another trend -- Naomi Watts. Do his answer yeah a little shaggy hair and she often -- since -- rain coat she is. They're lace up -- and the act. A little she twisted to -- can't looks to cocktail dresses. It's something she's pulled out of a closet a couple of times to really amp up the style -- -- -- -- -- -- we have indeed some of the now do you plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- drug code change from 22 dollars and twenty cents according paying two dollars twenty dollars and definitely something. An -- that's and you know. Again she -- -- she looks eyelash. Right on trans. I -- we bring everybody out here there are about how they went over the yeah. It's now -- I don't know there's still Bernanke now they've you know -- pick -- -- was all of me why this beautiful little tips of what we should look for overall working lined up. Again like this it. Really works almost as a little trend -- Adding a little pop up colors -- logged in -- with polished pieces it's a great idea for spilling forward for spreading. We -- the wreck took early -- again there's nothing better in New York then a little acts like a license that works good. Two of friends from the past the runway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The mom so -- yeah. -- they're younger than 140 that's right earlier up porting and back you know. I've got to pick your wonderful -- find out way to get these accessories -- let's go to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15713378,"title":"Top 3 Celebrity Accessories for Less","duration":"3:47","description":"Dress to impress with styles worn by Pippa Middleton, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift.","url":"/GMA/video/top-celebrity-accessories-pippa-midleton-taylor-swifts-style-15713378","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}