Top Design Tips for a Home Office

Office stylist Sayeh Pezeshki reveals the secrets behind creating a home office.
4:51 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Top Design Tips for a Home Office
Everyone and welcome to at work and Tory Johnson. The increase in telecommuting more Americans are working from home. That you can create a home office that works as hard as you do and she's got some very simple advice to get us going. -- -- -- -- -- -- for having me. Tell about the biggest common challenges you sit down to work with the client where the biggest challenges that you see when they are trying to design and home office. Well the biggest challenge. I'm finding in space and a lot of people don't have an entire room to dedicate towards their home office. So it's carting out that space that's just for work a lot of people and abusing their dining room table war. You know sitting on the couch that their laptop and that's really not a productive way of working from home. So it's carving out -- space and designating it as just your workspace. -- and you have three pretty specific tips for asked to help us improve productivity and that home office and that the first is to really take -- good long look at that works base wherever it is it you're gonna work. Yes exactly it's taken -- hard luck and tell me -- she stay and usually you're looking at a big -- it's. Disorganized it's messy you can't really find what you're looking for and that's you know that's really get him to your productivity can you can't I want -- looking for it's gonna take you a lot longer to do with specific task. And it's also a huge mental and physical distraction. It's just clutter that you don't need so. When you're looking around and you see all the -- organization you really need to tackle that first and a really easy way I always tell people -- -- Five minutes before you start working you know kind of clear the space and five minutes at the end of the day. You know put everything backwards -- -- and then in the morning you should have everything you know the -- like being -- -- to start working. And along those lines eliminating distractions is really important and that's not suggests that things that you sit -- and that's the stuff that you grating when you sit down. Exactly a huge distraction is the southbound and a lot of people especially work from home think that it's -- -- just have. You know yourself and sitting next -- -- the entire time working and it just. It becomes a big distraction because you'll be you know in the middle typing up -- report and then you get a text -- attacking a text message are you your mother calling her. So many things and the other biggest distraction is actually emails and being on your emails all day long are being. You know accessing your -- -- along as a huge distraction so it's just. Setting times during the day you know let's say 11 AM and 2 PM is when you check your phone and that's when you check your email an -- can focus on the rest of your day in all the -- -- need to get done. -- -- somebody evil thinking like easier said than right but it takes discipline. Got to start somewhere -- -- -- is to -- -- -- -- some fun and inspiring accessories to be deliberate about what you put in space. Exactly personalities and it is you know -- best way. To kind of brighten up your work day you're spending all your time you spend more time your workspace where -- your workspace as. They -- you anywhere Al so it's outings on accessories if you know if you need a letter so order or. Even if you love art and you have a favorite artist you wanna get a print you know get a framed -- -- it on your stats all those. Little things that you can do to kind of you know brighten up the work -- and make your space really what you want it to be helps with your overall mood and your products. And it's and it's not just fun but it's also functional Kimberly. Support productivity and donate them you know -- it that's pretty good news for everybody because there's so much stuff to choose from and we know that the organizational. Products business and office. Gadgets businesses is look pretty and so we can find amazing things like those colorful files and I know -- big fan of various trades and holders of that it's inspiring but also functional. Yes exactly and house to serve a purpose otherwise -- just gonna have a desk filled with you know little -- and things that. Are gonna become again a distraction for you rather than something you're gonna use and that also -- talent. It's -- thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having -- Signs -- say at office -- dot com.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Office stylist Sayeh Pezeshki reveals the secrets behind creating a home office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15817125","title":"Top Design Tips for a Home Office","url":"/GMA/video/top-design-tips-home-office-15817125"}