Top 5 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Tierra Destiny Reid reveals how marketing can boost business income.
5:50 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top 5 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales
Every time Tory Johnson is app where. Many business struggle with limited budgets to attract new customers but it does. -- have to cost a dime. To -- to client base if you do it right. Retail strategist Eric destiny -- is here with five each and very affordable tips for every business on AT -- -- so I'm excited to talk to you here. -- -- you know better than anybody else as a business owner what works and what -- and you that over promoting. Doesn't necessarily work because you're all -- and you're not focused and you would much prefer for us to be specific and focused in our marketing wise -- Torre is important that business owners -- Y six -- offerings to truly highlight. This -- -- -- focus on the benefits because -- shot. And I think it if you speak about two -- offerings it doesn't -- it truly drill Ian let customers know how you're offering is going to truly make a difference. All right -- you're gonna tout the benefits and you're gonna get -- -- -- And once you get their attention you've got to keep that in -- and you have some specific ideas about that. Yes I think it's important eighteen -- case in utilized social media it allows you to connect with your consumers over millions of people on -- right now. And when hearing gazing on social media it's important to include pictures and -- -- to keep -- exciting. Give them a reason to share it with their community and also it's important to link Betsy your web site in order to grow your dad today. -- so it's not just about. I need -- but it's about sharing valuable assets that they'd want to alternately then share with. They're friends and followers he -- exactly are right. And even -- a digital connection to customers is important you also believe that calling instead of emailing can be even more powerful just picked up the phone. Yes you know. Right now it's easy it's very easy to want to CN cut its newsletter blast out -- hundreds and thousands of people. But with the ultra right hovering just over ten -- it. You're leaving 90% of your consumers -- -- -- table. Its -- that -- -- a -- -- prospects to pick up the phone there's nothing like a direct. Phone conversation and he'll make -- -- and. I think that's a big one for a lot of people to think like leading 90% of the prospects on the table -- the -- -- and -- And they can't rewarding those loyal customers and that. It's not just about thanking them but it's about using that as a business building strategy and -- something that many business owners can. Exactly building loyalty is huge creek -- -- loyalty rewards program gift your customers a reason to feel appreciated but also shot when you -- Consumers really -- -- now that their business -- balance -- appreciate it today. So I encourage businesses to create a loyalty rewards program. About what -- consumers and customers really valued -- let them know that you appreciate their beat. Any attention as a consumer as a consumer you know that every place you shop they're handing you a card -- -- -- -- that rewards card so. Think about how you can adopt as -- is big business principles your own small business studio. Exactly and finally and I think perhaps most importantly if you really want this has -- to ask for it can't hit you got it just. That's. Exactly its glory at the seventy people that can't get the sale there upright tech asked where this L and I am I it's CB that rank and asked for this -- It's important to -- the difference that you won't make him be the very specific and confidant and what difference you will bringing today parts it. It's important to not wait until they asking you and let you -- that they are -- -- it's it's the safety as long as you know that you will Allred liver. Let them know that your -- to mark. All right you're ready thanks so much to -- for coming and talking to us. Thank you so -- absolutely and for so much more -- here is advice you can visit her web site at Tierra destiny meet dot com.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Tierra Destiny Reid reveals how marketing can boost business income.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15817193","title":"Top 5 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales","url":"/GMA/video/top-marketing-tips-increase-sales-15817193"}