Top 6 Pet Products of 2011

Dr. Marty Becker reveals which products will make life with your pet easier.
4:36 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Top 6 Pet Products of 2011
Very important to us all America's favorite veterinarian doctor Marty -- -- gives us great advice on our. Our four legged friends members of our family every -- pulls the top professionals in of that and -- to nominate their favorite new products and this morning -- bringing us. Top six products of the year to show us how they work and these are released from fund -- starting with -- fish tank. Well this is the worst part this is the Sistine Chapel here we got -- This is actually living -- by -- of this stuff. It's for people don't have the time where the space for an ordinary Koreans is different sizes as the 25 by 25 aquarium. Typically eight to ten fishing here all programmable its. Instantly easy to take care of it has removable -- -- -- just take these simple rating all of -- liar and a -- Look. Not inexpensive. To 99 for that it's actually pretty reasonable it is -- -- efficient and it really is beautiful it looks like a child's toy I didn't realize they were real until I got close its view of double -- -- filtration so what's real -- I'm coming up next tell me about this. Situation well one out of two dogs destined to overweight or obese so we're gonna -- little demonstration -- what I like about this thing this is like it's like -- -- this is law. It's like a fish and -- so -- got a -- in a bungee squirrel. -- ergonomic handles so what you can do if you live an apartment got you know it's no one outside you can get these dogs did exhaust her in just thirty minute thirty against three minutes and get a dog is completely it's. I don't want to take us down there -- has got that now yeah go at all according to -- that it got hurt. That's hysterical -- always you can exhaust any dog it inside an apartment in your yard on a wall is slightly down he's overwhelmed. And again one out of two of dogs are overweight United States wanna -- retreat -- I love this this is a -- it comes in -- -- and chicken it is -- -- -- -- Licked at the tick -- he's thinking -- shaken up. You twisted off. Can't you dissolve -- here and they can -- -- -- this all BL right there and what the player ten -- one calorie this sentence to be chicken whole memorial there. He he like a bit of. That hasn't smell they life. And here's what things that like he always wanted to have a plus -- for your -- so this at a cluster and are willing to push the squeaker like over here. -- -- this squeaker. There's no sound except the -- Cox's heads here packer had the and so this is the here -- so it's -- like you're going. Yes but there's no sound -- -- -- -- that. Supersonics and here in 28 -- kilohertz or they can -- but so -- energy perturbed by what's turning. This is malady and generally don't -- potency of Maltese -- working cross somewhat this stuff especially all right and then moving on this is something for the cat lover as a veterinarian cats are chronically dehydrated. So what I like about this unit holds two liters of water so it gets more oxygen it's cooler it's -- traded filtered through -- charcoal. But -- sexy label water into their mouth that you don't come up this -- was real messy so we'll -- I'll take this water -- it keeps -- contained here. Also it only is this four watts of energy source it was a night lights will be very very energy efficient but cats that are better hydrated -- healthier happier gaps yard. Yes this big -- for small -- two or. -- -- got fifty dollars yeah right -- you want the case. Now this is unbelievable all the cat -- who really loves their can you imagine -- tomcat that comes over and says. I have no just a a cat scratching post I have the enchanted forest. It's all this comes and things like fantasy castles but you -- see these cast is playing here. It's it's a solid wood frame it has carpet in it has patted her here for some -- scratching area here and you can't see in the back but there's years ago -- the little door and book the series the stairs and come out any of these little holes. We didn't see how much fun -- -- here with this little fantasy forest well why wouldn't that -- Catholic a duplex kind of cancer both -- and predator so they look to get up high affair in the -- they wanna be protected up piped in the predator -- looking out for supper so this -- -- -- -- -- in the knight's son. People -- past telling them all he had and the price request as we have to got -- -- -- 99. To 99 law these amazing these are the top six. Treats of the year for your beloved -- -- if you guys love these guys -- over the -- of the -- all available for humane society of New York you can find information on them. You can find information on our product -- legally can have. Is the product of the year we'll give -- all the details on Good Morning America dot com got.

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{"id":15238955,"title":"Top 6 Pet Products of 2011","duration":"4:36","description":"Dr. Marty Becker reveals which products will make life with your pet easier.","url":"/GMA/video/top-pet-products-2011-15238955","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}