Sarah Burke in Coma After Halfpipe Crash

Star Canadian skier is in critical condition after crash on halfpipe course.
2:43 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Burke in Coma After Halfpipe Crash
-- champion freestyle skier Sarah -- she is in critical condition right now after an accident on a training run left her with a traumatic brain injury. ABC's Dan Harris a weakening -- has the latest. On all that stuff story rose in morning TU Terry Burke is the winningest woman in a sport -- athletes are constantly pushing themselves. To do the while districts possible -- danger is just part of the deal. And this morning she's in a -- At least they're -- so -- hardware through the years. Sarah Burke is not only one of the best female skiers on earth but she's also a red carpet regular a fashion plate once named one of FA TMs. 160. -- an ally there. -- -- -- -- -- She is a freestyle steer a daredevil sport a sort of trick skiing. Which uses the same court says snowboarders that half pipe the court 720 Sarah Barrett sets any standard in recent days she's been training for the upcoming X games. In which she's won the gold four times -- -- decides that 900 eaten our. -- this time and just coming in. Happy and then having -- time and money to push myself and and -- best I can do. But on Tuesday while training in park city Utah she had a serious accident. We do know that she did land tricks that she had been doing in and bounced from her feet on two -- -- -- It happened on the exact same course. Where snowboarder and Olympic medalist Kevin -- suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009. This morning Sarah -- is in critical condition with her husband. Rory bush field also a free skier by her side. -- and bush field are royalty in the skiing world their splashy wedding video posted online. In this interview -- this each channel they talk about how Sarah pushed for years. For women to gain access to professional -- scheme and. Understanding why couldn't -- half those boys that they when he in the contest. -- was aware of the risks -- court which she discussed on GMA. Two years ago. To Wear helmets to Wear -- -- -- You know you do it yet I do but sees you can alert along the way how to handle it. In a statement her husband says -- is very strong and will most certainly fight to recover a sentiment echoed by their fellow priest -- I hope. Did Sarah comes to this really -- and I know that if anybody can answer -- -- also pushed for years for free -- to be included in the whimper Winter Olympics she'd only recently succeeded -- -- very excited but now it is of course entirely unclear. Whether she will be able to compete in the winter games in Russia in 2014. Proud -- it she's a real pioneer in the champions while.

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{"id":15344460,"title":"Sarah Burke in Coma After Halfpipe Crash","duration":"2:43","description":"Star Canadian skier is in critical condition after crash on halfpipe course.","url":"/GMA/video/top-skier-sarah-burke-coma-halfpipe-crash-training-15344460","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}