Top Ten Toys of the Year

Kid toy-testers show you which toys are hot and which are not.
3:00 | 11/23/13

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Transcript for Top Ten Toys of the Year
I can't get over sara haines, just absolutely loving these toys. Here's something that happens every year in houses across america. The holiday toys that your children are so excited to unwrap, wind up at the bottom of the toy chests weeks later. How much coffee did sara have? She came to the rescue of some kid toy testers to bring you the best of the season from the toy aisle. These kids are experts, right? They are. And I am now, as well. Thousands of new toys come out every year. And family fun magazine has taken the guesswork out of figuring out which is best by sending them out to toy tester families across the country. I became an honorary toy tester for a day. And got to play with this year's top ten. Who doesn't love a brand-new toy? But with all of the choices out there, how do you know which toys your kids will love the most? Whoa. With the help of "family fun" magazine, we gathered a toy tester dream team. 5-year-old eli, and his big brother, 7-year-old zack. 8-year-old sophie, and her big sister, 10-year-old maddy. Seasoned toy testers to show me how it's done. Getting close like this, is it okay? It's cheating. You have to get back. Reporter: Zoomer, sit. And it's not just the kids. The parents get in on the toy testing action, too. Thank goodness for daddy. What are some of the things you lock into right away? Sound. It f they're really noisy and loud. Reporter: Like that one? Can they open it? It takes 15 people and a masters degree to get this out of the box. Reporter: I hope you know what you're doing because I've never been one for instruction manuals. I'm going to say so far, this is my favorite because you're cooking for me. Now, make me eggs. In this year's top ten, there's something for everyone. We have a mix of ages. A mix of types of toys. We want to get building toys, arts and crafts toys, science toys. Reporter: After a rigorous day of toy testing, you can be sure these toys will be fun for the whole family. You guys, we have the top five toys right here. You've got your fur real friends. The monkey. This is never going to end, by the way. Take that. Look. Knock him out. I told you not to give ron the punching one. We're never going to leave this. Never. Dan, yours is the john deere one. This is sold out everywhere. Really? If people are interested, it's the number two toy of the year. Mine is zoomer, which is number one. You can tell this dog to do things. You can see -- zoomer, not boomer. I renamed him. If you go to goodmorningamerica.Com, you can see the full list and read up on the toys if you're interested in them. But this one can pee on command. Zoomer, pee. You can't say that. It's a command. It really -- okay. While zoomer goes to the bathroom. Coming up, "pop news."

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{"id":20989057,"title":"Top Ten Toys of the Year","duration":"3:00","description":"Kid toy-testers show you which toys are hot and which are not.","url":"/GMA/video/top-ten-toys-year-20989057","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}