Top Ways to Fake the Perfect Figure

Lori Bergamotto reveals ways you can slim down your appearance without diet, exercise.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Top Ways to Fake the Perfect Figure
Now, we have the secrets of finding your perfect figure. Everyone wants one. What is there was a way to fake it? "Lucky" magazine has a way to make any figure look flawless. And lori bergamotto is here to show us how. I want to start in general. How do you do it when you're working with a fashion shoot? What are your tricks? Tricks are downplaying any problem areas. And it's about having fun and trying things on. Luckily, we've done all of the work for you. I can give you the guidelines what you can downplay and what you can bring out. Let's bring out an example. Do we have a before shot? This is stacy. Very petite. Stacy's only 5'2". We're going to make her look longer and leaner. Shall we see our after here? I know that you know the tricks of the trade. For those of you who don't, it's about creating a fluid line and making sure you're sticking within the same color family. We did stacy in a gray color, which is huge for fall. These pants are from banana republic. And the key is the mid to The gentle fit through the thigh. And a little flare at the heels. I also love, one of my tricks is going long on the pants. Adds inches to your legs. That's a great look. This is one example of trickery. Let's see our second example. Thank you, stacy. Do we have a before shot, please? This isda. For amanda, she has an hourglass figure. But she wants to downplay her hips and her thighs. That's a problem a lot of us have. Let's bring her out. She looks so amazing. I love it because it's so fun. It's such a "lucky" outfit. THE WIN FROM THE '50s, THE Marilyn monroes and rita hayworth chose this silhouette. The skirt is from boden. And the belt, so adoriadoriabdorable, under $25. Your legs look tiny. Your waist looks great. Rock it, girl. Next up, we have danielle, i believe. Yes. Danielle's before shot shows what? A bigger bust. This is a problem a lot of women think they want to have. And danielle looks amazing. But she's a "d" cup. Let's bring her out and show what we did. We downsized her cup. Minimized the big bust. A lot of women know you have to let the girls breathe. That's why we opened the two first buttons. But a lot of things that women with a big bust don't know, is don't wear sleeves that are too short. That's your widest part. And all you're doing is drawing attention. A longer sleeve or a three-quarter sleeve. Love her in this victoria's secret blouse. That's fabulous. With a black pencil skirt, that would be so chic. You look great. Time for one, more quick one. Our last model. Stephanie's before shot. Stephanie is long and lean. But she wants the illusion of a bigger bust. She wants the opposite. The opposite problem. The key here is to trick the eye into creating volume. We went with the blouns and created volume with cascading ruffles and pin tucks. If you have a smaller chest, look for embellishment. The options are endless. This line is under $100. It can be done. Guys, we have all of the information on these clothes, the outfits are adorable. Thank you so much. All of the information for you on our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And we've also posted four more of lori's figure-flattering secrets.

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{"id":17727191,"title":"Top Ways to Fake the Perfect Figure","duration":"3:00","description":"Lori Bergamotto reveals ways you can slim down your appearance without diet, exercise.","url":"/GMA/video/top-ways-fake-perfect-figure-styling-tips-body-17727191","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}