Tori Spelling Gives Birth to Fourth Child

Katrina Szish and David Caplan discuss the latest Hollywood rumors.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Tori Spelling Gives Birth to Fourth Child
We have one new tori spelling baby. We're down now, one cast of "jersey shore." Joining us, he is the fun toer of gossip david.Com, she is an entertainment contributor. Please welcome david kaplan and katrina szish. Mazel tov to tori spelling and her husband. Number four. Finn davey. This is ten months after hattie. Ten months? You do the math. She tweeted the cutest picture saying, it's a boy. Isn't that so sweet? Finn davey. Everybody is healthy and happy? She and dean got what they wish for. We have two daughters. Our son would like a partner in crime in the house. We want a healthy baby and are crossing our fingers it's a boy. They got it. She said, this is probably my last baby. You think? T might be time. Check bacn ten months, apparently. What can you tell us? She's been busy in the pregnancy. She has a show on tlc called "craft wars." And she did a special with little pony. She could have another baby. When she got this baby -- when she got this baby, excuse me. Did she pick it up at the market? When the stork delivered it. She announced she was pregnant, five months afterwards, she said she was totally shocked. Now never know. She could surprise herself. And, mtv. Despite there being atoms left to split, have decided the sixth season of "the jersey shore" is going to be the last one. oh. There were galaxies left to explore. Sadly, it will not be with any of the cast -- what can you tell us. Source told me this morning that a couple of the stars didn't want the renew contracts. They wanted to do their own thing. We're seeing. We have snooki and j.Woww doing a spin-off. D.J. Paulie d. They wanted more money from the contracts or they're ready to move on. But wait, everybody. I have good news if you're upset. Because j.Woww and snooki's show will come back. It hasn't started yet. You'll get a sampling of that. Anything else on that? It was unclear once snooki got pregnant if the sixth season was going happen. Back in the spring, mike "the situation" checked into rehab for prescription discussion. The cast had already kind of moved on. I think the big question is, what is mtv going to do with the franchise, in anything. Still tbd. Gone, but not forgotten. Hey, katrina and david, thank you very much. and coming up -- who didn't

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{"id":17128972,"title":"Tori Spelling Gives Birth to Fourth Child","duration":"3:00","description":"Katrina Szish and David Caplan discuss the latest Hollywood rumors.","url":"/GMA/video/tori-spelling-birth-fourth-child-17128972","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}