Tornado Warnings Across the South

A dangerous line of violent storms are causing havoc in Alabama.
2:18 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Tornado Warnings Across the South
The situation right now in Alabama. But that dangerous line of tornadoes causing Havoc right now -- there are lots of urgent tweets coming in that's how we're getting most of the news right now because -- happening so quickly. You've got to imagine that it's dark curly early in the morning in that area and folks are are are concerned you can't get into the region we've got tornado watches and warnings out to northern Alabama we've had more than 200 storm reports about 21 reported tornadoes in this line from Arkansas all the way toward Alabama they could -- the storm line this morning. Running right through Birmingham toward the Atlanta area all the way through Knoxville but it's -- southern line from Tuscaloosa Birmingham to gashton. That has been so problematic here with the the reports that we're getting out of Birmingham from ABC 3340. Is there has been a lot of damage greeting even getting tweets this morning that there are folks trapped. In debris there and we're getting Twitter pictures out on the line that this is what it looks like so we know there was a strong tornado. On the ground in those areas at least we're gonna take a look at the damage later on this morning. We have the rescue teams will be working in various -- as they can get some daylight we'll get some more information out of there these -- the storm reports again more than 200 -- -- where the tornadoes are will watch this area for strong to severe weather throughout the morning.

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{"id":15419179,"title":"Tornado Warnings Across the South","duration":"2:18","description":"A dangerous line of violent storms are causing havoc in Alabama.","url":"/GMA/video/tornado-warnings-south-violent-storms-alabama-15419179","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}