Tornadoes Rip Through the Heartland

The desperate search for survivors has begun in the multi-state disaster.
3:35 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Tornadoes Rip Through the Heartland
The frantic search for survivors with states of emergency in effect in a large swath of America this morning after a swarm of tornadoes nearly a hundred of them. Once thriving neighborhoods now debris fields lives literally up rooted in seconds. This morning the death tolls stands at 37 people in five states however we are hearing some amazing. Survival stories we've got team coverage this morning. Led by ABC news meteorologist ginger -- in one of the many ground zero as in this multi -- disaster this morning -- good morning to you. Good morning to -- again and good morning everyone. I and in the hearts of the destruction of what was an EF four tornado what was a gas station you can see it. Just twisted all overcome with me this -- -- want to show you what used to be commuter -- -- now a good graveyard. Big semi truck on top of what was the gas station. This tornado went 52 miles from -- Indiana only into Ohio. That's 52 miles where we're finding stories of survival. New video of that massive twister as it -- Green toward this small town. Are we now know it was a powerful yet -- packing winds of 175. Miles per hour. And in these new images the talent just moments after impact we just had a huge tornado come through -- Henry -- Indiana. The view from the air sake. -- there were whole neighborhoods there's now nothing. -- -- Three older Brothers. It's part of the current. You work hard for some menu illusion just ten minutes. Across this town the search for survivors continues as does the painful -- of homeowners trying to salvage what they -- If there is one common theme in this shredded community it is the image of yellow school buses tossed everywhere. Kendall Green drove those buses every day but this Friday was different. Tornado whether he can. Do anything about it is going to do what it wants did you just had a feeling. Resisting what did. -- set out to finish his bus route but with three kids left including his daughter CS. He knew the tornado was close so he -- them to cover in a church basement. She heard there were a flop and and the wind just whistle and I had seen. That tornado standing right outside -- now after the tornado passed the bus was. And from all the rubble one amazing story of survival a home completely destroyed. Four members of that family killed. But found in the field alive their twenty month old baby her name. Baby Angel for family and friends the pain is still so raw. It's very hard to imagine that it would hit the -- all of all. But -- -- Angel is giving hope to so many desperate need. When you have pockets of damage like this you're going to have downed power lines and officials are telling everyone please take the extra care even though they secured a lot of things when you're getting back to your home. For those survivors to be extra careful because you never know what you can find -- We of course are going to have more coming up but --

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{"id":15843344,"title":"Tornadoes Rip Through the Heartland","duration":"3:35","description":"The desperate search for survivors has begun in the multi-state disaster. ","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-rip-heartland-15843344","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}