Double-Tornado Rips Through Nebraska

Twisters touch down in Nebraska and Iowa, apparently killing at least one.
4:22 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Double-Tornado Rips Through Nebraska
Right now we have to get to those rare double tornados in the midwest. Incredible images still coming in. You see them there and ABC's Steve osunsami is in the hard hit town of Pilger, Nebraska. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: I have to tell you, you know, right now -- terribly hard, the destruction goes at least another half mile that way. The newspaper this morning described it quite well saying it looks like god used two fingernails to scratch the land. Oh, dear god. Reporter: Families here in Pilger were praying for mercy. Oh. Reporter: As two massive tornadoes nearly erased their town. One of them nearly a mile wide. Ripping up a whole town. Reporter: Take a look again, a two-headed monster. Everyone here nearly 400 people had to be evacuated. We have multitornadoes on the ground here. Reporter: The twisters crisscrossed highways and narrowly missed cars on the road. Here's the moment when the giant cloud of debris just misses the city's water tower and look closely. Those are rooftops and other large structures swirling into the air and then crashing to the ground. Tried to lay on my son Christian and I laid on the two littlest of the four kids. And everything fell on top of us. Reporter: The tornadoes made a beeline for main street leveling the fire department, a church and a number of hopes. There was a couple of houses on this side of the street and across the street which are gone. Reporter: The Nebraska National Guard is coming to help. Josh to had dig a friend out of the rubble. We thought he was gone for a long time. The three of us are all fine. Reporter: At least two people died including a 5-year-old child. 19 people were hospitalized with critical injuries and are fighting for life this morning. Just 100 miles down the road another tornado struck and this morning families in Madison, Wisconsin, are cleaning up after strong winds and reports of a tornado there too. Police are telling us they're only going to allow residents in for a few short minutes and have to leave again. You have to be careful with that gas. Thanks very much. This storm amazed even veteran storm chasers, many risking their lives to get terrifyingly close and shoot some remarkable images. Tornadoes. Oh, my god. Emerging -- they're merging. There's debris up there. Oh, my god. Look at that. Look at that. Wow, trees. That's a town. Oh That's a water tower. I don't know which one is more violent. I think this is a handoff and this is a rope. Look out. It's roping out. It's getting less. Just incredible. Oh, my god. I've never seen anything like this in my life. Look how violent this one is. I know. It's about to drop right here this whole thing. We have multitornadoes on the ground here. I've never seen anything like this and I've been storm chasing for probably 10 to 12 years professionally and this is just very, very dangerous. Hey, guy, get inside, please. Get inside, please. We're just trying to get this information to you so you can get it out to the folkness this area and protect their life and property. Such incredible images especially the two twisters side by side like that. There's a threat of more severe weather today. 44 million people in the path of that and Amy Freese from our station in New York, WABC is tracking it for us. This was a particularly dangerous situation. The dual or twin tornadoes are also known as satellite tornadoes. They actually have multiple vortices inside and you can see on the imagery the evidence of these violent turbulent wind feels that usually expands the damage. So really, really serious situation. Still we have a lot of activity going on. This tornado watch box goes until 9:00 A.M. Chicago included in that and there is a bow form to some of these storms so very potent. 14 states remain under the threat of severe weather today. We'll have much more on this coming up in just a few minutes. Big part of the country under the threat, Amy. Thanks.

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{"id":24170283,"title":"Double-Tornado Rips Through Nebraska","duration":"4:22","description":"Twisters touch down in Nebraska and Iowa, apparently killing at least one. ","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-rip-nebraska-24170283","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}