Tornadoes Strike During Rush Hour, Overturn Trucks

Storm winds make a mess of major roadways in Oklahoma.
2:48 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Tornadoes Strike During Rush Hour, Overturn Trucks
As we have mentioned earlier these storms came in the middle of rush hour Oklahoma's major roads were clogged with people scared trying to out run -- even the largest of trust. Could withstand the sheer force of the -- look at that video. ABC's veteran photojournalist Mike Boettcher who lives in Oklahoma joins us now from El Reno and Mike I know -- used to covering war zones in Afghanistan but it must be completely different when it's your backyard. Be on of the famous route 66 runs right by this heavily damaged school. I forty is just a quarter mile beyond. And it was clogged with traffic when that tornado dropped from the skies. Six overturned semi trailer trucks and cars flowing in the fields. Our lingering evidence of the storm's deadly route. It terrorized motorist over a two mile path. Thousands of central oklahomans with last -- more tornado fresh in their minds clogged interstate forty and other major arteries. Trying to out run the storms that were converging on Oklahoma City and its suburbs. They joined thousands of commuters who were heading home after work. A combination that proved deadly lives were lost in last night's tornadoes all of whom were killed in -- field. I'd called -- the National Guard. A while back and our department transportation -- Now local law enforcement not to get -- get these cars off the highway and do whatever we need to do to get him off an exit the -- admitting. Oklahoma governor Mary -- speaking to ABC news told her story of being on the road right before the storm. I actually -- to drive down to more and down to Norman about 430. Tonight. Knowing that the -- is gonna get better there's a tremendous amount track. The huge rainfall produced by the storms headed -- the danger. I can't stress. -- -- -- The tornadoes were embedded inside heavy rainstorms and were almost impossible to see. Rescue squads were up against that danger to. Car. You -- eat. You can make. After what happened in more reported floating up tonight cars and just trying to get out the path of the tornado. Once that tornado passed through this area between El Reno and UConn it was heading directly for my neighborhood in central Oklahoma City. I took my family down into our basement the basement was flooded we took shelter there but luckily that tornado veered south of our neighborhood. I have lived here 21 years growing up and the two most recent years I've talked old timers who've lived here -- into our lives. And they tell me they've never seen a two week period like this in Oklahoma. Ever and this time the -- with an interstate highway.

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{"id":19303876,"title":"Tornadoes Strike During Rush Hour, Overturn Trucks","duration":"2:48","description":"Storm winds make a mess of major roadways in Oklahoma.","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-strike-rush-hour-overturn-trucks-19303876","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}