Tornadoes Tear Across the South

Tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama uprooted trees and tore apart power lines.
1:41 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for Tornadoes Tear Across the South
quickly. To that massive storm moving across the country, tens of millions in its path as a series of damaging tornadoes tear across the south. ABC's Steve osunsami is in Clarksville, Tennessee, with the latest. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning, robin. There was some frightening moments for the family of the police officer who lives here, they say the sky went dark and then the winds started blowing, knocking over this large pine tree which pushed over a street light and then came crashing down on their second vehicle. They say they're lucky it didn't hit their home. Go, go, go. Reporter: Across parts of the south overnight families had to sleep with one eye open. The tornado picked us up and turned us. Reporter: The sky started falling before dinner. What looked like a giant tornado moved in over fields in Alabama. It's in the water tower. Monster. Reporter: The high winds blew up a transformer and tore apart power lines. And some areas trees were pushed over orrined from the ground. I didn't know what had happened until I came out of that closet and saw everything around. Reporter: In Alabama and Mississippi, first responders and families searched through areas that were hit and it was good news. No one was seriously hurt. Tornado on the ground. Reporter: There were reports of at least six in Mississippi including this huge funnel cloud. This morning, families whose homes were damaged are trying to save what they can. It's possible some of those reports are from the same tornado. The national weather service will determine that in the next few days. It isn't unusual to see tornadoes in the south this time of year. Robin. Unfortunately, it's not unusual. You're right about that. Take care.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Tornadoes in Mississippi and Alabama uprooted trees and tore apart power lines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36683066","title":"Tornadoes Tear Across the South","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-tear-south-36683066"}