Tornados Sweep Across America

Severe storm system spawns tornados in Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama.
7:57 | 03/03/12

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Transcript for Tornados Sweep Across America
Somber Saturday morning as hundreds of thousands wake up to -- devastation just take a look at this unbelievable destruction from the ferocious weather that raked through the heart of the country. Home schools and businesses entire towns all gone. -- in a flash this massive storm spawned more tornadoes in one day than we usually see in an entire month. All -- from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes huge army. -- see right there on the map here's what we know right now at least 29 people dead thirteen in Indiana fourteen in Kentucky. And two in Ohio this is the second round of killer tornadoes just this week we've got some new pictures this morning at a huge tornado bearing down. On Henry -- Indiana chewing up everything in its path. Number of casualties expected to rise unfortunately we have an entire team covering this massive wave of storms we're gonna Begin with our meteorologist ginger C. Who's in the hard hit town of Henry bill Indiana good morning to you ginger. Good morning beyond and 95. Tornadoes ripped through yesterday if those are all confirmed reports this would be beaten greatest tornado today. One day event in March for all history that we have and whether. Numbers -- don't matter at this point when you start talking to people the sun coming up and the scene revealed. It is simply unbelievable. In southern Indiana it was -- -- Tornadoes. In -- degree aunt Elaine. In making an epic game within minutes they were gone but this is what they left behind neighborhood after neighborhood -- Here in Henry -- Indiana the small town almost wiped off the map the -- was completely lifted off a local high school. Miraculously though 400 students were spared the powerful winds lifted this school bus and moved -- -- into a local restaurant. Next -- the small town of Marysville was completely wiped away all that's left foundations of homes that once war. Please stay in their farm belt company of about here you can see of swirling and and debris and everything. And that moment when an and all I can deal with the winds up matters. Across the region shell shocked residents couldn't believe the extent of the damage. They -- thought we had eleven minutes the news channel and within do you second that -- therein. And that's -- will up the foundation. They weren't nearly 100 twisters forming across America's midsection we were there as the one hit Henry -- forms. Eventually becoming the biggest storm in the state time is 208 you've got to -- us. Circulation. It is happening that atmosphere is angry right now I can see it deadly twisters and lightning struck in other states including Ohio where this woman lost her sister trying to get to a shelter. She got crash. What I understand. -- shambles right where there that he -- data mountain. You can do it. So many shattered homes devastated community lost -- Let me take you through the scene behind me at we're looking at the school Henry -- high school where much of the damage here happened. The bus with cars crashed into it. Cars upside down in front of what was the high school and finally if you follow me over here. You have the rough ripped off the gymnasium. -- in person I cannot tell you how wild it is to imagine that no one else was killed here in the schools so we're very fortunate for that. After something like this happens you wake up and you wonder is -- over. And for some it's not already many wind reports near Columbia, South Carolina this morning I want to show you a map of who is still included in the threat area. This is for the next couple of hours really the morning and early afternoon -- include the Carolinas the panhandle of Florida. Southeast Georgia you can still see isolated tornadoes but more importantly hail and still damaging winds. We of course we'll have much more coverage throughout this program on what has happened here in Indiana and across the region. But for now back to you Dan India. And did you we're going to be talking some people who were right where you're standing right now when that tornado hitting and -- excellent reporting this morning thank you and that the western Kentucky which is never. Seen anything like this fourteen people dead the area's most lethal outbreak of tornadoes ever. Kendall -- -- -- ABC affiliate WC PO rode out the storm -- she is live with us this morning in pioneer Kentucky Kendall good morning to you. Morning day and that picture than what we've seen here and -- intact EA and put it quite frankly devastating. Three people and minor alone were killed last night now I spoke with an official he tells me that. And right now everyone's accounted for no wind it's making the report that the sun is writing this morning. He said that it all channels now that -- official tells me. And -- 25 years of work yet seen nothing like this that they've been worse image. He's seventeen he compared it to -- worked -- This morning it came barely -- this part of Kentucky. In the wake of destruction and their. Tearing roofs off homes breaking windows even blowing the side of this counts completely off this is survived are considering themselves lucky. It was inside that hasn't had just figured we'd go down their base when we say they don't envision. We don't have a -- Stiff battle patio. Distant seconds. There -- just very loaded into position. -- western Kentucky deadliest outbreak of tornadoes in the last forty years in the images everywhere trees and power lines toppled. Emergency crews searched through the night survivor. Registered or quit but the devastation it left behind will be felt for a long time the only thing left and did have its right to war. Brian what -- see -- -- heard over the past couple days. Home unreal and unreal -- maybe -- It's it's a tragedy and so. -- every -- -- here will be visiting here this morning to a fast thinking image and sound. On -- all right Kendall thank you. And further south this same system spawned tornadoes across Alabama hitting the same exact area -- 250 people were killed nearly one year ago. ABC's Steve Centanni is in harvest Alabama with the latest good morning to you Steve. Good morning be -- -- we have found two homes on this same street. That were ruined by two separate tornadoes and less than a year this one belonged to Jim and Judy Hodges a tornado forced. Destroy this home and April of last year when those storms came through Alabama. And then yesterday another storm took it away. The family is devastated they hid in a shelter they were buried here he was born in this home -- now like so many other families. They have to rebuild and yet. Aren't about history. We would still -- or else there are so many stories of survival and so many families who have lost. And Tennessee -- the Skaggs is planning a funeral for her mother who was killed in the store. My parents appealing to the -- for twelve years old. And my mother passed away -- over -- This is something they built it worked all their life to have. They've always been together. And it's all global. -- -- -- -- -- -- When it's devastating -- It was such a heartbreaking loss to hear the National Weather Service says that they were now at least six tornadoes that tore through Alabama. And damaged or destroyed beyond -- as many as 200 homes.

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{"id":15839645,"title":"Tornados Sweep Across America","duration":"7:57","description":"Severe storm system spawns tornados in Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama.","url":"/GMA/video/tornados-sweep-america-indiana-kentucky-alabama-severe-storm-system-2012-us-15839645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}