Tornados Tear Through Midwest

Sam Champion reports on the tornado outbreak in America's heartland.
2:24 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Tornados Tear Through Midwest
Let's get right to all the weather the severe weather overnight that walloped twisters have major storm -- -- cross country right now Sam. He -- I haven't yet and Robin it is a giant classic early spring storm the numbers in this thing are going to be very impressive right now we know. In southern Missouri at least one reported death there are thirteen injuries that's just out of Branson Missouri along as we get daylight in here because remember this happened overnight they'll be a lot more. On the injury count and the damage count we believe is well. Take a look at that big comma shape swirl that's right in the middle GMA storms -- -- zoom into the active watches and warnings are actually popping even early in the morning. This is the kind of storm that can produce those powerful. Tornadoes overnight and even a big hit of gusty wind and a lot of lightning. Folks reporting it all night long and so look at the dots throughout -- -- at least a 150 storm reports at least eleven tornadoes reported here looking at that -- you know was a frightening night. In America's heartland. And windows blew. And I want to deployment to home alive to. Hit deplored cheated I'm down here already residents of Harvey -- Kansas are lucky to be telling the tale of last night's tornado which touched down in the dark of night. Just after 9 PM to block a shot down one -- At least eleven nighttime tornadoes were reported from the -- to Tennessee including Nebraska's 1 February tornados since 1955. Causing massive damage to homes and property the -- of Harvey -- Kansas was hit hard. -- -- -- Taken out by about 40% of the bill isn't unity. They're still a part of countenance that still there in about it has been destroyed. A lot of cool image -- -- building down including church an apartment complex. Officials say that at least one person who was trapped in a building had to be pulled from underneath the debris. And was taken to the hospital in critical condition. I'd definitely I'm surprise there and there were more people are. Once you. People have opportunity go through look good -- You'll understand you know -- extent of the damage. Kansas governor Sam Brownback declared a state of disaster. Downed trees close highways and power lines are down throughout the area. Everybody was looking after their neighbors and they did -- time to check other neighbors neighbors. But that was very very good feeling good just do -- see that reaction from the community. To just imagine as daylight comes into the small towns of limited resources they're going from building to building. And we think those -- numbers and hopefully not the fatality numbers will go up.

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{"id":15814910,"title":"Tornados Tear Through Midwest","duration":"2:24","description":"Sam Champion reports on the tornado outbreak in America's heartland.","url":"/GMA/video/tornados-tear-kansas-missouri-15814910","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}