Tory Johnson's Holiday Deals and Steals

Tory Johnson highlights some special savings for "GMA" viewers only.
4:33 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's Holiday Deals and Steals
Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Snug and warm home until -- -- shopping done -- discount that you can only yet right here on DNA is our. The film starring -- wanna know feeling confident -- he gathered some great gift giving idea has also isn't likely couldn't doesn't went five for yourself. -- -- -- Thanksgiving holidays came on the London stage government we don't know because -- think -- -- we've got an arrow -- Agony and the cool things about his what is it comes in three different sizes too painful and clean and I am old style on -- -- This is not -- -- and these kids played tonight. Twenty inches of -- -- when -- wake up like irritable and -- -- angry and as a comfortable and you aren't going to be happy putting him up because of the deal that you have -- so that event in May below early start at a 160 dollars. But as a GMA you're you're gonna save. -- yeah. Yeah. Now. -- -- Yeah. I'm really mainly against non using them right now it's -- -- you mom has always 19 Good Morning America can't get that deal that's right. Three sizes can only tell me that I did nothing. And then they're they're hungry means that we -- -- -- yeah -- -- howling monkeys that. Serious cooking -- requires serious cooking and big -- What I love about this this is one of my favorites of little collection of stuff we've got all the tell the Good Morning America -- but this is -- -- trio but it also using this once. Courtney loves us not only its Louisiana somewhat like that playing in really bad idea -- did so -- breads that you know bananas Kinney so they have a whole variety of items you can choose how many Good Morning America let's sit and best of all these these Israeli arrangement in 1933 dollars. 60%. While stationary. Okay okay. This I must -- -- 100 favorite thing. So I don't -- the -- love them so check that out is not nicely done tonight breaks and an after dinner or whatever else -- this will be happy to speak to. Visit the Los Angeles being -- sleep -- it's a -- she is favorites but on the Food Network. They specialize in any means and this is why did their best gift packages they billion dollars and -- these -- Fifty dollars includes shipping. Yeah and yeah. That's sort of -- in Sweden this sort of -- is not would you. Which is the best possible warming -- he would -- go again admitting. -- -- really -- popcorn company content and may have been -- -- -- different sizes small Greek cup with three different flavors. Why should outlaw chocolate -- didn't -- mountain. Frost didn't change from red. 8% savings he's having mailing starts -- and yeah -- I -- I mean are not -- as a twenty dollars. Let -- -- dollars starting yeah. I'm Mary what I did not not part of -- -- out. It's just not hastily. And -- Thanksgiving Day yeah I think that Jack -- yeah time time isn't -- -- since time is the one thing that really differentiate yeah we're gonna be how we better. Give yourself the gift of time as well as anybody else Izaguirre giants I love giving her kids do calendars dot com the largest online elements. 101000 slices. 60% savings today only when you go to the Good Morning America exciting I'm -- -- -- him and I'm thinking yeah we're deciding to I think this is going to a certain blue anchor yeah. NRA and Rick run I think I just can't believe he does these -- not even as -- these are important to know what you don't really -- about men. And -- in them. Anywhere from eighteen to 26 pockets so this is for all of your essentials of daily essential travel essentials -- wondered how. Music everything your pockets you could not hold. Isn't -- X ray machine. -- -- -- -- -- that many as 50%. Savings and -- yearly starting at 340 dollars 50% savings. -- -- -- -- -- -- not only do you have. And. -- -- OK. I have. Are all enthralled me exact details on these deals can find out also about -- warm coats the warm hearts drive it's on the web site. Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! can you say happy Thanksgiving.

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{"id":15023417,"title":"Tory Johnson's Holiday Deals and Steals","duration":"4:33","description":"Tory Johnson highlights some special savings for \"GMA\" viewers only.","url":"/GMA/video/tory-johnsons-holiday-deals-steals-15023417","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}