'This Town' Depicts Washington D.C. Insider Intrigue

Mark Leibovich's new book gives readers a closer look into America's political nexus.
1:51 | 07/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Town' Depicts Washington D.C. Insider Intrigue
The house of cards on Netflix. Extra scrutiny amid a stepped into the the speech on HBO hi hello how are you black. And scandal on ABC how does this intrigue compare to the drama here at the real White House and across the nation's capital. Official Washington was abuzz this week with the release of a new book this town I want to the Washington Post asked -- gossip columnist whether the book is just as steamy on the as the Hollywood portrayals. There's no sex. There are -- murderers. There are no. Bombshell revelations of secret lives. It's a series of very funny very shrewd observations that tell you a lot about how this particular crowd. -- -- operate he needed dead mistress there is no -- mistress in this book spoiler alert. But the book does offer these juicy details President Obama storming out of a campaign meeting in 2011. Accusing -- of leaking to the press. But Clinton's keeping an enemies list after losing the 2008 campaign. And lawmakers becoming lobbyists getting rich in the golden web of Washington is this work. The real work of Washington gets done behind the scenes apparently we caught up with the book's author -- clean image a longtime newspaper reporter who knows everyone in this town even me. We met at the palms up a stake -- attract power and ambition is Washington really is divided as we might think apps. -- -- and I think the dirty little secret here is that Washington is interconnected and the one commonality is that people are doing very well for themselves whether it's business deals -- pundit deals are. -- debate circuits and has a -- there's no such thing as Democrats or Republicans in Washington these days there's only millionaires. Washington may have money but it lacks the sizzle -- that makes the Hollywood version of a bit more fun. We're Good Morning America just selling ABC news Washington.

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{"id":19728203,"title":"'This Town' Depicts Washington D.C. Insider Intrigue","duration":"1:51","description":"Mark Leibovich's new book gives readers a closer look into America's political nexus.","url":"/GMA/video/town-depicts-washington-dc-insider-intrigue-19728203","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}