Town Tackles Love on Oprah's 'Lovetown USA'

"Luv" ambassadors Kailen Rosenberg, Paul Carrick Brunson discuss new show.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for Town Tackles Love on Oprah's 'Lovetown USA'
We welcome you back with an unusual challenge given to an entire town. It wasn't to get fit or recycle more. We've heard that. But this was different. This was to open themselves up to love and kindness. The goal was set by oprah, as part of a new show called "lovetown, usa." Take a look. "Lovetown, usa," kicked off with a visit from oprah. Delivering a rallying cry about the power of love. Something magnificent is going to happen. Reporter: Oprah and her team collected the town of kingsland, georgia, to create "lovetown, usa." It's a first-of-its-kind experiment to see what happens when a community focuses on love. She brought in two expert matchmakers to make the entire town feel more love. That means, putting an end to the bickering. Bad blood. And blame. I just want to feel like you don't hate me. Reporter: At the heart of it all, six singles looking for ve and willing to work for it. Are you willing to be vulnerable? I am. That game is no game. You have no game. Do that. Do you say a lot on dates? I talk to them afterwards and apologize. You're going to help me with that, right? I will. Reporter: Will the love come to lovetown? Want to welcome now, the two matchmakers or love ambassadors, kailen rosenberg, and paul carrick brunson. How hard was it to get a whole town onboard? Was there any bah humbugs out there? There were lots of baa humburgs. But getting them to the point of where love can happen, it was pretty cool. Did you find it contagious once it started rolling? Beyond contagious. We all can have it and deserve it. Paul, how do we get it? Give us tips. Three big takeaways for everyone. If you want to love someone, you have to love yourself first. If you want to do things differently, and want different results, you must do things differently. And most importantly, when you're on a date, bring breath mints. Let's put it to work with our audience. We're going to play a little game. It's called in it to win it or in it for a minute. And we have a love question. We're going to find out whether or not the guy she's dating is in it for a minute or in it to win it. I've been seeing this guy for four months. He's wonderful. He plans all of our dates and it's amazing. We see each other every weekend. We go to nice dinners and so much fun. We go to concerts and stuff. But during the week, I never really hear from him. I rarely get a phone call. And it takes him a few days to get back to me. He'll only contact to hang out. I don't know if he's in his for the long run or if it's a summer fling. Yes. Why? He's planning. He's spending time with you. He's probably just in the beginning of the relationship. That's the reason why we date. We court. And you say for a minute. From the beginning to the end, we need healthy communication and the willingness to communicate and show who we really are. So, pay attention. Thank you. Good advice. And don't forget the breath mints. Now, this is chris. And what is your love dilemma? I've been seeing my girlfriend for about a year now. And we're planning to move in with each other. Recently, because of a new job she got in the fashion industry, she has been going to exclusive parties. And she doesn't want me to come because I'm not hip enough. I'm worried if we move in, I'll be left at home by myself while she's having the time of her life. Chris, are you bringing the breath mints, chris? I will bring breath mints. Oh, no. Yeah. Chris, you can come to our exclusive "good morning america" anytime you want. I would love to do that. Thank you. I'm sorry. Chris, come to us. We'll hook you up. I will. It's contagious, chris. Best of luck with that. Thank you. Check out the show. We want to thank you for great advice and for playing our game. Check out "lovetown, usa," on own, oprah winfrey network on sundays. Coming up here, what you

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Luv\" ambassadors Kailen Rosenberg, Paul Carrick Brunson discuss new show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17064354","title":"Town Tackles Love on Oprah's 'Lovetown USA'","url":"/GMA/video/town-tackles-love-oprahs-lovetown-usa-17064354"}