Tracy Anderson Shows How to Keep Weight-Loss Resolutions

Celebrity trainer shares secrets to stay focused on your diet, exercise plan.
4:21 | 01/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tracy Anderson Shows How to Keep Weight-Loss Resolutions
Doing things all month long. We're here with, there she is, superstar trainer, tracy This crowd is so excited, in case you didn't know it. Tracy has transformed some amazing bodies. Superstars like jennifer lopez, on the cover of "red book" magazine this month with gwyneth paltrow. On "redbook" sharing her secrets, right here and in "redbook" for getting that a-list body. Excited to be here. Happy new year. Dancing, we've been watching out morning long. Tre teens love to do it. Gwyneth wasn't a natural dancer opinion but it helped change her body. We spent the last week together, rocking it out. She's quite the dancer now. She stuck with it. And now, she is a dancer. Why is dancing so good? It's good because it works all of the muscles in your body. It requires your brain to be participating in your workout. And it's movement in a balanced way. If you're running, you're always charging up the same muscles. When you have to learn to dance, you use everything. And you're having fun. You get into it. When you learn to perform, when she got the dancing down and she got to perform it, her results became even better. It seems like it's makes it an easier sell. Interestingly, the cdc says more than one-third of all children and teens are overweight or obese. I know this is something that you address in your video. It really does help, you know, selling it to the younger people to get going. It's a big deal. But you know, it's the fun factor of the dance. But yet, just dancing and just stopping and going is not focused workingout. Just like how we brush our teeth. We can't take them to the hair salon or get their nails down. We have to empower them with the tools to have a sustained fit and healthy life. That's what team metamorphosis is all about. The moms and the kids can dance, too, now. It's about the whole family leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. Completely. Another trick is switching it up. Something that jennifer lopez learned from you. Absolutely. You can't just switch it up without focus. You wouldn't build a house without plans. You need to turn to your experts and take a program that has the body results that you want. And with my program you have to change your workout every ten days. But there's the same end goal result. I'm going to make sure that jennifer looks fantastic. She switches it up every ten days. And she's done it on her amazing world tour. You used the word goal. Really important, pick a goal. You are how you move. And you are how you eat. We should be eating clean and eating things that are organic. Hormone-free. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you're making these choices. Your muscles will be designed how you move them or don't move them. It's important to pick the program that's going to give you the body that you want. My clients want to own their own beauty. And five to ten minutes, if you can commit to even that, if you're a work mom, if you work long hours, you can start small and still see results. You can start small. But it's about being consistent. You can start small. If you can only make it through five minutes because that's the reality of how -- where you're at physically, you start with five minutes. The next day you do 10, the next 15. And hopefully you work up to 30 minutes to an hour 6 days a week. And you brought in the ta trampoline. I made sure the movements are dance oriented. People don't have is a lot of room to dance in their homes. It's really easy on your joints. You can dance on it, you know?

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{"id":18112710,"title":"Tracy Anderson Shows How to Keep Weight-Loss Resolutions","duration":"4:21","description":"Celebrity trainer shares secrets to stay focused on your diet, exercise plan.","url":"/GMA/video/tracy-anderson-exercise-tips-celebrity-trainer-helps-weight-18112710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}