Trainer Makes Himself Fat, Gains 70 Pounds

Drew Manning stopped working out to experience the difficulty of losing weight.
3:27 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Trainer Makes Himself Fat, Gains 70 Pounds
Most of us probably wet -- I definitely wish letter assaults go eat whatever we want for awhile. Now worry about as saying while we found a man who is doing just that even though he's a personal trainer. Right now he's on mission to get facts and it's all in the name of helping you. Working out eating right and staying healthy. It's a lifestyle that drew Manning has committed himself to as a medical technician and a personal trainer. Yeah. But this husband and father of two near Salt Lake City. Decided having a perfect physique wasn't enough. Creating those foods I am unleaded was. When should be okay. No less than six months after. Turning to. And he's doing it all online -- the adversity and time. On his website -- too fat to fit dot com. He posts weekly videoblogs weighs in and documents his thoughts along the way. Followers are able to watch every -- packs on. Even voting on which foods He should eat next. It is the court does what He has plenty CD. In his first month He gained an astonishing 21 pounds this -- area. -- -- -- -- just want -- there -- little paragraph. It's clear that it starts -- -- -- -- -- that jiggle -- and one of the car apparently running her you know sing. -- -- -- -- Point three weeks ago drew out a 34 point five inch waist and seventeen inch neck. He weighed a 193 pounds. Drew now as a 47 point five inch waist. An eighteen inch snacks He weighs a whopping 263. Counts. Watching supporting him along the way. His wife of six and a half years lane keeping the game had just said you know he's had clients before and continually -- Alley say the same thing you don't understand what it's like. You've never been -- -- you don't know what it's like to have these addictions and to be honest to Begin and the journey. Has not been easy his self confidence that completely went away and -- -- you know his came becoming lethargic Levy not helping around the house. Nearing the end of 26 months of weight gain -- is ready to pitch in again for his six month return to tip top shape. Losing the weight I had been looking forward to this day. And I I have to admit I think both of him and I have a little bit of fear doesn't He put on a lot more weight than He thought Hewlett. Drew Manning's goal is to show people they can -- that on wanted to wait themselves with diet and exercise. In a matter of weeks he'll Begin his extreme weight loss. And will be there every pound of the way. Three pound -- drew said He thought He gained fifty maybe sixty pounds on this journey is already ten over that. And counting and for more details on drew and his mission go to Good Morning America dot com.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Drew Manning stopped working out to experience the difficulty of losing weight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14777638","title":"Trainer Makes Himself Fat, Gains 70 Pounds","url":"/GMA/video/trainer-makes-fat-gains-70-pounds-14777638"}