How Did 'Transformers' Director Prank One of His New Stars?

Amy Robach talks with the two newest additions to the "Transformers" franchise.
2:36 | 07/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Did 'Transformers' Director Prank One of His New Stars?
amazing stories that you'll see on "NY med" tonight. "Transforms: Age of extinction" features a new breed of giant row bats and a new cast of humans, including mark Wahlberg and jack Rainer. We're going to talk with Nicola and jack in a moment. First, let's take a look. What did you guys get? It's protein. I said the essentials. Okay? It wasn't easy. We almost got caught. You stole mouthwash? I like to be fresh when I'm making out with your daughter. That's funny. Yeah. That's not happening. Ever. Ever? I thought it was pretty funny, too. Joining us this morning is Nicola felts and jack Rainer. What does it like being the newcomers on the set? It's so exciting for us. We grew up being huge "Transformers" fans. And to be in the fourth film and work with Michael bay, it's amazing for us. Absolutely. I understand that Michael bay fulled a fast one on you after you auditioned for the part? I auditioned. And I tested with Nicola. I didn't hear anything for two or three weeks. And he called me on the phone. How are you, jack? I'm good. I'm shooting in New York. You didn't get it. I was like, oh, damn. And then, he let me sweat it for about ten seconds. And said, I'm just messing with you. We just saw how protective mark Wahlberg's character is of you. You have six brothers? Six brothers and a sister. You know how to deal with -- She has seven protective brothers. I can relate to the overprotective dad thing. There wasn't much acting. It's one thing to make a movie. It's another to sell a movie. Have you gotten used to the red carpet yet? It's so much fun. We had a premiere at Hong Kong. We filmed there. And to show the fans is exciting. And we have our New York premiere. It's so exciting for us. We get to travel and promote the film. And it's amazing. We love it. Have you learned how to pose yet? We're not used to it like that. If we get that used to it, we'll give up. Thank you both for being with us. Enjoy it. "Transformers: Age of extinction" is in theaters now. Don't miss it.

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{"id":24409932,"title":"How Did 'Transformers' Director Prank One of His New Stars?","duration":"2:36","description":"Amy Robach talks with the two newest additions to the \"Transformers\" franchise.","url":"/GMA/video/transformers-director-prank-stars-24409932","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}