Trash to Treasure: 'Re-Fashion Your Clothes'

Jillian Owens shows you how to make your outdated clothing useful again.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Trash to Treasure: 'Re-Fashion Your Clothes'
segment on "gaa." We're calling it "trash to treasure." Be still you, my heart. Very exciting. It's where we take something that is trash and hopefully make it over and it becomes a treasure. Today we're focusing on your closet, your clothing. Which is to say my entire closet. We have sections in the closet that are sections we keep in there. We don't want to get rid of it. We know we'll not wear them again. What do you do, josh? I keep wearing them. I have like t-shirts from high school. We have another solution for you. Refashion your clothes? Yes. Here to show us what that means. Apparently she's the refashionista, jillian owens. Hi. Come on in. Welcome. Nice to be here. All right. So let's pretend like -- let's pretend like I'm the fish out of water here and I don't know what we're talking about. What is a refashionista? A refashionista is someone who takes used, abused clothing destined for the landfill, puts it under their sewing machine needle and makes it into a completely different garment. Let's get to the first thing that you've made. The first we have here is a blah, beige number that looks like something my first-grade teacher would have worn. But if we turn it around -- what is the color here? Beige, that is beige. It's just kind of unremarkable. No, thank you, thank you. Oh, you mean the clothes, right. Tell us how you did that. God, look at that. What I did, I tailored it, i dyed it. You took the sleeves off. Yes, I chopped it off. Put elastic in the top. Made a sash and finished the waist. And she took the sleeves and made them into a chain. I'm not that good. And this cost you $1? It was a dollar thrift store find. How long did it take? Dying it takes a little longer, you throw it in a washing machine, neglect it for a while. You use rit dye. I love the example. Talk to us about this. Sure, what we have here is a -- frumpy skirt from thrift store, button down, very boring, but -- you know. Lazy susan spins, and -- wow. Wow. I love what you did with the skirt. This is actually -- you don't need a sewing machine, you don't need anything at all. I unbuttoned it. Let the top unbuttoned. You buttoned in the front, now becomes the arm dark. Very quickly, again we've shown you that -- an audience member brought in an old coat, she would have otherwise thrown away. She has been working feverish lu, julian. Take a look, to turn it into something fabulous. And there is that coat. [ Cheers and applaus. Tell me about what you did here. All right. I took it and turned it upside-down. I made the back the front. I made the front the back. You can see a sexy plunging v-neck there and I took the sleeves to turn it into a sash to cinch your waist to give you more definition. Amazing. Do you like it? I love this. I totally will wear this. Are you kidding? Seriously, this is why you rule the world. We're watching games and you're doing that. That's unbelievable. Thank you. Hey, everybody, thank you.

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{"id":16915445,"title":"Trash to Treasure: 'Re-Fashion Your Clothes'","duration":"3:00","description":"Jillian Owens shows you how to make your outdated clothing useful again.","url":"/GMA/video/trash-treasure-fashion-clothes-16915445","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}