Trash-to-Treasure: Flea-Market Fanatics Compete

Lara Spencer previews her HGTV show where people compete in revitalizing junk into items for homes.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trash-to-Treasure: Flea-Market Fanatics Compete
We want to talk about a fun, new twist on a series we call "trash to treasure." It's the anchor edition. It was supposed to be. These guys are going to -- you were going to pair off into teams. It's about a show I'm doing on hgtv. It's called "flea market flip." It's about finding and fixing items. Take a look. You go that side. Reporter: Buy low. Reinvent. Reporter: What happens if you take two teams of two people with two very different design sensibilities. Every fashion home magazine you see right now is all about bamboo. Look at this mailbox. It could be an amazing ice color. Ice color? Reporter: Give them $500 each. How much is this one here? 125. I'll give you $75 for it. We'll make a deal. Reporter: And one hour to hunt through a flea market. You're doing a lot of thinking and the clock is ticking. They need to buy three pieces, each team, that hathe potential to turn from trash to pressure. Take out the bottom. Put a lightbulb in there. Pay 20 bucks for something. And you can make it look like a piece that's worth a million bucks. We're taking a mobile bar stationed by a bicycle. There will be a wooden bar attached to it. Reporter: The flippers have one day, along with a team of craftsmen, to rescue -- it's a little risky to paint the rattan. But I think it will make it look like the 21st century. Reporter: Recycle. We found an old, round mirror. We're going to use that as a table top. Reporter: Reinvent. I'm thinking coffee table or something. Reporter: And then, resell. Hopefully, for a profit. Start selling, guys. We're asking $444 for the pair. Do you come with it? For the right price, I will. Reporter: The team that makes the most money selling their reinvented items goes home $5,000 richer. win. We had this plan to have our competition where you would do your own flea market flip. That is not happening in the pouring rain. We thought we would give you the tips that you take away in the show. Hang on. Stand by josh. You'll get dry. These are some of the ideas you'll learn on the show. This is an old chair we found at a flee market. And the cushion looks really bad. You use a staple gun to recover it. You don't need to be an expert at it. Look how great that would look. If you had stapled it. And imagine if you -- it's pouring rain. Hand me a little spray paint. Don't try to spray paint in the rain. Redoing knobs. This is one of my favorites, sam. Talk about this. You tell us about this. This is an old piano stool, right? That's an old piano stool. And that's a mirror. What do they have to do with each other? I thought it would be fun to paint the base block. And use the mirror for a coffee top. These are the great gifts you see on the show. And it won't be in the pouring rain. Are we having a viewing party,

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{"id":17347782,"title":"Trash-to-Treasure: Flea-Market Fanatics Compete","duration":"3:00","description":"Lara Spencer previews her HGTV show where people compete in revitalizing junk into items for homes.","url":"/GMA/video/trash-treasure-lara-spencers-hgtv-show-flea-market-17347782","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}