Trash to Treasure: Transforming Old Gadgets

David Dall makes the best out of gear purchased at an estate sale.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Trash to Treasure: Transforming Old Gadgets
ah, as you all know, I brake for lara's "trash to treasures." This is a big deal. A big one. Arguably the biggest one ever. It's a joint effort. You know I brake for yard sales and estate sales. Estate sales are often times the entire contents of somebody's home. Check them out. I have a really great friend who I like to go hng with. He and I went to the estate of a mechanical engineer. This is perfect for david dahl. We love to go hunting. He runs a construction business by day. We're junk-os. We wanted to see what was there and how we could transform them. How did you find this place? Craigs list. I love it. It sounds like mechanical. Collection stuff. This must be the book room. When it's this packed, what are you looking for? It just jumps off the shelf at me. You name it. Unbelievable. What's this? Cute. You look at this, you don't see a jack, you see sculpture. I can see drilling this, getting an edison bulb. My favorite spot is going to be downstairs. Going down. If I never see you again, "good afternoon america" audience, it's been wonderful. I made it! This is the coolest adventure i have ever been on. What about this thing with a clock on the front? It says edison. Did I find something good? This is awesome. Everything I'm finding today is definitely screaming light to me. Oh, here's a beauty. Raise up that tripod. Electrify that. That's cool. I love it. Yeah. There's a winner. That's a winner. All right. So david is with us. And here are the pieces, he paid $40 for this light and this tripod was under $100 right? Yeah. These lights, you see them in major retailers for hundreds of dollars. Show us what you did and how you did it. Whoa. All right. Well, we found this old engineer's tripod. You mounted it on top. I did. I put wood there so it would mount flush. It's masculine. A nautical thing going on. Great in an office. I'm trying to figure out why that's masculine. I don't know. I dig it. It's got that manly thing. Right, scotty? We can make it taller. Or we can move along. This is one of my favorite things. He saw it. It looked like that. This was the home of a genius. We met his son. He said, as his dad got orlando, he borderline hoarded pit. David, what do you see? I saw art work. Making it into a lamp. It's a kul thing. Here we go. Come on. We have a few pieces here. And what did you -- wait, wait, wait for it. Oh! I love that. Just on a shelf. This is like -- okay, now david and I are 6 years old again. This is great. Anybody have an idea what this used to be? No. I didn't either. It's an edison motor. A clock of some kind. Yeah. It's a master clock from a bell tower. That's amazing. He paid next to nothing for it because it was not working. David, thank you for that. Th going look great. I was think pg of you. You and I did this together. This was an old door. The legs tell everybody what you used as legs. Piano legs. Old piano legs. He put a piece of glass on top. You have a look at like restoration hardware for hundreds of dollars. I decided to get in on the game. This makes me feel like a loser. No, you can do it. They're are great tips. We found this wheel, I found it, $40. This was a piano stool. I took the top off. This is what I made. Simply, by putting them together. David helped me -- we attached the two. And made a cocktail table. We unified the didn't pieces by using paint. An easy trick. Sometimes two pieces of junk equal one gem. Anything can become a table top if you use glass or mirror. I dent know there was math involved. That's the problem. That's the problem. Can we go to the website and find out a bunch of stuff. Tell us the name of your website.

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{"id":17128928,"title":"Trash to Treasure: Transforming Old Gadgets","duration":"3:00","description":"David Dall makes the best out of gear purchased at an estate sale. ","url":"/GMA/video/trash-treasure-transforming-gadgets-17128928","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}