Travel Insurance May Be Tougher to Redeem Than You Think

The ABC News Fixer helps one couple get their money back from Expedia.
2:58 | 07/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Travel Insurance May Be Tougher to Redeem Than You Think
Americans book million of airline tickets every year. Some take advantage of travel insurance. What if you buy the insurance and still can't get your money back. Time to call the ABC news fixer. ? Reporter: If you think this guy looks familiar. ? ? in the middle of the night ? Reporter: You're likely a gleek, he was the pianist on the hit TV show "Glee." He's also a ranger. And wife Eddie books all of his travel. She's super confident. Reporter: When he needed to fly his Los Angeles home to new York City, she booked a ticket on expedia. Expedia's insurance works like this, if you need to change your ticket, you pay the airline fee up front and expedia pays you back. So, when brad's plans changed, I gave them $200 and the plan was changed. I finally get a supervisor who says to me, your paperwork is in the computer and then we got disconnected. Reporter: The same old song, no refund. For two months. So, was expedia changing its tune? Sounds like a job for the ABC news fixer. All of a sudden, Stephanie called, somebody is listening. Sometimes you get a result. Reporter: Our fixer Stephanie Zimmermann called expedia immediately. Issued a $200 the day after and apologizing for the delay. It's fixed. Thank you, ABC news fixer. And our ABC news fixer, Stephanie Zimmermann joining us now in studio. This seems like a common problem, you book a flight and you find out you can't make it. I hear from people who had to cancel a trip. If that happens, with the nonrefundable ticket, you're at the mercy of the airlines. They all have different policy. Reporter: Considering all of the exemptions, do you recommend travel insurance? If it's an expensive trip, you should consider it. But read the policy carefully. But many of these policies have exclusions. Just check the fine print before you buy. All right, we want to thank you Stephanie for coming in studio. She said read that fine print. If you have a consumer problem for the ABC news fixer, you can find her at ABC Yahoo!. I have always wondered about travel insurance. Maybe she'll fix it. My problems are too profound for her to fix. Coming up on "Good morning America" -- the boy who's

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The ABC News Fixer helps one couple get their money back from Expedia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32393925","title":"Travel Insurance May Be Tougher to Redeem Than You Think","url":"/GMA/video/travel-insurance-tougher-redeem-32393925"}