Trayvon Martin Case: Grand Jury to Hear Evidence

Unarmed Florida teen was shot and killed by a neighborhood-watch member.
2:22 | 03/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trayvon Martin Case: Grand Jury to Hear Evidence
Now new details about the tragic shooting death about unarmed -- in Florida prosecutors announced Tuesday that a grand jury will hear evidence in the killing of seventeen year old trade on Martin. This is the federal government is also looking at the case and now this morning we're hearing new details. About his final tragic moments in BC's Matt -- is in Sanford Florida with those good morning to you -- Hey good morning Josh we now know that in the moments before he was shot dead tree -- Martin knew he was being followed he was running scared and -- the man chasing him. Neighborhood watchman George Zimmermann muttered something under his breath which many people believe was and racial slur. This morning as the US Justice Department begins investigating the death of trade -- Martin as a hate crime. Sanford police tell ABC news they overlooked what some believe is -- racial slur. Muttered by George -- to a police dispatcher just seconds before he shot Martin. It comes just before -- exchange. Let me -- Republican Olympia that we -- ABC news has also learned they missed this. Tell us village bushel cost probably will let -- -- -- or not and I've -- -- -- -- -- The chilling words of Martin's sixteen year old girlfriend who phone logs show was on the phone with and in the seconds before his death. ABC news was right there exclusively his Morton Stanley attorney questioned her about that night. We don't know police have the call logs but never called over the Sanford police department says it is asked. Anyone with information about Martin's death. To come forward which has puzzled some analysts. Not too many of those individuals were even interviewed that's a serious serious fatal flaw and could be -- -- a fatal flaw in this investigation. And patience is running short and -- bubbling over and Sanford. Hundreds gathered -- and NAACP. Church meeting with preaching chanting. -- the killing Martin's father now tells me was caused by color if you have been white. -- -- -- Who have been -- -- -- And we now know that George Zimmermann was something of a ghost you know he was married we didn't know what he did we know that he was part Hispanic but. Friends and neighbors say that they didn't know what he did for a living they did know that he took his duties as a watchman very very seriously Josh. Thank you --

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{"id":15968634,"title":"Trayvon Martin Case: Grand Jury to Hear Evidence","duration":"2:22","description":"Unarmed Florida teen was shot and killed by a neighborhood-watch member.","url":"/GMA/video/trayvon-martin-case-grand-jury-hear-evidence-15968634","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}