Trayvon Martin Case: Shooter's Lawyer Speaks

Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman's lawyer denies claims of racism.
5:28 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin Case: Shooter's Lawyer Speaks
Nearly one month after the killing of unarmed -- a teenager -- on Martin the gunman's lawyer is now speaking out. Saying neighborhood watch captain George Zimmermann is not a racist ABC's Matt Gutman has the latest from Sanford Florida good morning to you Matt. Hey good morning the -- for weeks we've seen this monolithic portrait of George Zimmermann a neighborhood. Crime watch captain who worked in this community who pursued followed and shot dead tree -- on Martin now his attorney. Taking a very different picture of what did the devout Catholic who was an insurance underwriter. And -- black children. For the first time we're getting George -- side of the story. He's newly appointed lawyer now speaking out. He's being misrepresented as being -- racist and his told me he's not a racist I've talked. There -- friends who are African American and they don't think he's a racist here. Speaking to CNN about the 911 tapes released last week. His answers -- -- has he heard was being played on television. I don't know if I don't believe he answered with being played on television. There is 911 tapes. I look like he's a smoker is on drugs are -- yeah. And always get -- -- have turned Zimmerman into one of the most -- men in America but new details this morning. Of his -- before the shooting according to the Orlando sentinel he was employed as an underwriter of mortgage risk management firm but is not that it works since the shooting. Another report says Zimmerman was raised in a very religious family. His father could sometimes be strict all of this is an explosion of protests sweep the nation last night this vigil the town -- Morton was killed and in Miami. Miami Heat where -- -- initials on their sneakers. Posting this picture on line of the team including its. It all capped an extraordinary day of protests across the country. The president delivering his own very personal comments on the case. My main messages it is to the parents. -- on mark -- -- -- -- Sonny looked like driven. And I think they are right to expect that. All of us. As Americans. Are gonna take this where the seriousness of the deserve. I know. Saying this building. On Capitol Hill a moment of silence in Philadelphia Chicago impressive crowds and across the country. High school students streaming out of schools but Germans lawyer says this case is not about race it's about self. Defense -- the ultimate issues that there was. Some kind of scuffle took place. And there was a gun and was discharged and now there's a young man dead. So issue is whether it was whether there will be ultimately ultimate issues was a self defense. In his case. A -- but those many thousands clambering across the nation. For Zimmerman arrest there's a significant chance. He may never be charged Florida stand your ground law gives enormous leeway for people to use deadly force if they feel at all threatens -- Matt Gutman who has been all over this story since it broke Matt thank you let's turn out of the former federal prosecutor sunny Hostin is with us this morning for some analysis. Thanks for Kevin and thanks for having me how did his newly retired the newly hired attorney do. I don't think he did very well mean bottom line is this case has received international attention. We have the president of the United States weighing in there's a local. Investigation going on a federal investigation going on and he is the man representing. The could be defendant in this case. He said that he hadn't listens and I wanted to and everyone in the world I think has listened to them when he hasn't spoken to his client much about the shooting. That tells me that he's not preparing a defense in this case I think it's just ludicrous it's egregious. Did you hear the scenes of any potential defense and -- he did after all say that his client is not a racist that he had meant toward. Two young African American children did you hear anything that could be -- basis for an effective defense down the road if he is ever charged. Well I think certainly -- wanted to make sure that. He was laying the ground work for a defense against a federal hate crime -- and that's why we heard him say he's not a racist. -- and talk a little bit about his mentoring of African American children. I think we also heard a bit about self defense he talked about his client's injuries and under the stand your ground law I don't think applies in this case anyway. But perhaps that is sort of laying a little bit of the ground work for my client was attacked. But bottom line is again when you're talking about stand your ground -- and I've spoken to one of the backs of one of the supporters of the bill who pushed the bill through. He -- this doesn't apply in this case because. Evidence shows that the remains could have been the first aggressor he would get started you bite and then claimed he -- -- is standing -- was pursuing very quickly before I let you go are you seeing any signs that there is a movement toward an arrest in this case. Com I'm not sure about that we know that there's a special prosecutor that has now been assigned to this case she's indicated that. She may issue if she could arrest she could decline to arrest and she could present this to the grand jury so I think it's a whole new ball game. At this point because of the new special prosecutor because of the new investigators. So it's too soon to tell whether or not there will be. An arrest in this case in the meantime the outrage boiling over sending -- and thank you very much we really appreciate you joining us this morning.

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{"id":15992731,"title":"Trayvon Martin Case: Shooter's Lawyer Speaks ","duration":"5:28","description":"Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman's lawyer denies claims of racism. ","url":"/GMA/video/trayvon-martin-case-shooters-lawyer-speaks-george-zimmerman-denies-racism-claims-us-15992731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}