Trayvon Martin: Is Police Chief's Job on the Line?

There is growing outrage at the absence of an arrest in the teen's death.
2:34 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin: Is Police Chief's Job on the Line?
The growing national outrage over the fatal shooting. Of a Florida teen by a member of the neighborhood watch down there trade on Martin's parents joined thousands of protesters in New York as they demand that the suspects arrested. And -- the local police chief's job could be on the line in Florida ABC's -- government -- in Sanford Florida with the latest for us this morning good morning Matt. Hey good morning Robin that's right some dramatic and intense moments unfolding here in the city hole behind me. City commissioners responding to this massive national outrage voting no confidence in their police chief now. It's up to the city manager to decide whether or not to fire him. This morning -- Outcry over the shooting -- of trades on Morton in the thousands gathered here for the -- -- including Martina your. And the million signing this Internet petition. Finally being heard a thousand miles away in Sanford Florida city commissioners to stunning step -- no confidence vote their police chief -- -- -- this morning the is still in his post but could face firing by the city's manager. And as the Department of Justice begins investigating the shooting is a possible hate crime -- the city's entire leadership now under scrutiny. Where -- one answer Ritchie is -- here to answer questions. Giant triplets and a man who want there have been allegations of misconduct in the investigation. By the police department is their -- David Madden -- We're gonna handle. Morton was killed last month -- neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmermann after following him down this street that you -- and Zimmerman shot Martin. He told police it was self defense in was never arrested. Frank -- he had been in the neighborhood crime watch with Zimmerman -- one of owner there's more to it he probably unprovoked them. Personally yes. Martin died of John DO unidentified and unclaimed for two days the -- claims because of police red tape but this morning -- anonymous no more. -- -- -- Boulevard in its battle. I -- wondered -- is older who have backed guerrillas until it's justice we're very bad. And it just a few hours Josh trade on Martin's family slated to meet. The Department of Justice officials that -- the FBI begins to scrutinize that 911 tape we told you about yesterday that may contain. It possible racial slur from the shooter George Zimmermann Josh has national outrage continues to grow thank you -- --

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{"id":15976680,"title":"Trayvon Martin: Is Police Chief's Job on the Line?","duration":"2:34","description":"There is growing outrage at the absence of an arrest in the teen's death.","url":"/GMA/video/trayvon-martin-neighborhood-watch-shooting-police-chiefs-job-15976680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}