Trayvon Martin Shooting: Zimmerman's Friend Speaks

Joe Oliver clarifies details about his friend George Zimmerman.
8:09 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin Shooting: Zimmerman's Friend Speaks
Then national fury mounts in the -- on Martin case we are now seeing a concerted push back on the part of the man who shot and killed this unarmed seventeen year old. That neighborhood watch captain George -- in a moment. -- to speak live with Zimmerman is legal advisor and his personal friend. But first here's ABC's -- -- -- with the exclusive new details. This morning we are learning more about -- on -- killer George Zimmermann. His friends are common -- -- with a portrait of a man was deep in hiding facing death threats and even remorseful. His attorney Craig seller tells us he fears for his life and for his family safety understands. That it did -- recent -- -- ordinance. In other interviews I wasn't exactly sure I I dealings today. As more -- sprouted up across the country. Spontaneous. Rally for justice home for his arrest black Panthers offering 101000 dollar bounty on his capture. It's -- contains his client acted only out of self defense and he's not a racist. Sentiment echoed by his friend and former crime watch block captain. -- -- -- is just that it jump out of a car start. Ron and -- -- -- pull out a gun shoot him just for his skills and his his identity. Card is one of owner -- more to it he totally unprovoked and. Personally yes. The -- he wondered if it was all the crime in the neighborhood. That pushed Zimmerman to the actress -- one pounds there was burglarized during the day and he received his voice mail from Zimmerman on Friday -- -- thanking him or support. And Kirk. Well. It's a -- that another friend remembers clearly. A voice his friend recognized as immediately as it remains not Martins and howls caught in this -- -- one call. And enable them not -- that you can. -- -- -- -- -- For Good Morning America Matt Gutman ABC news Sanford Florida. Matt thank you and with us now Joe Oliver who's a friend of George -- also -- immigrants legal advisor -- -- good morning to both of you good morning. Thanks for coming in -- me start with you you've spoken. To George. How's he doing. -- better. When after after this first started. The reports tonight -- -- that he couldn't stop crime. Is aware of the national outrage all the -- -- -- the national getting involved. Just now he's becoming aware of how big this has gotten and that's why he contacted. -- -- spokesman for the first time yesterday briefly. And you know he's he. It's just starting to sink in had up until this point. Because of he was there and he knows what happened. And because he's not in jail he's been very confident. Nine -- that this would all blow over. But because only half of the story is gone because the evidence. Won't be heard until the grand jury convenes. He's got to go on behind but now he realizes just how big this is DC say he's in hiding -- -- scared for his life. Would you be. I -- with all of this and there's someone crazy man. Who put a 101000 dollar bounty on -- -- on his head felt I'd like to know what makes that person any better than the person they think Georgia's. You have known him for quite awhile for there I've known George since he started dating his -- so about a decade and in your view is -- -- racist. I have never seen anything to indicate that -- on the tapes on the 911 tapes there's a moment where many people swear they hear him uttering. A racial epithet. Does that make any sense the exact -- -- -- -- -- no not at all and in fact I spoke with my teenage daughter yesterday. And the -- question I mean it's a difference between a CNN -- From what I understand. And doom -- apparently a term of endearment in the high schools -- states. I don't know of any one. Younger than forty. Who uses. -- as a racial epitaph. Anymore you can hear you -- just a moment ago that we've only heard half the story -- -- play you a key moment from the 911 tapes on which we hear some screaming. Take a listen. -- people -- not -- there's someone screaming outside. Atlanta the F cat that's at the end. Now several eyewitnesses have said that the screen is where those of a child. What do you hear. Well from that clip I couldn't quite hear the from the clips and I've heard on line I hear George. -- for George's voice pretty much every day for the past couple years. And and that that sounded like someone. Who is in dire need of help and his sounded like George. -- on -- ask you a question. You have said this is a case of self defense you know for a lot of people. That's strange credulity a lot of people said look you here in the 911 tapes the operator saying to George do not pursue and yet he does anyway. And we know that we have a seventeen year old kid here who is -- candy and Ice-T -- on the phone with his girlfriend not an optimal position. From which to threaten the life of a grown man. Was carrying a -- How is that self defense well. I don't think we've heard all the evidence I don't won't litigate this case in the media. But there's -- there's more to be told that story that's only a part of it. And there's more evidence is going to be released you know when the case goes forward if it goes up to the grand jury believe on April 10. At that point more evidence is going to come out that's only a small snippet of anything that happened that that it that evening I think when the other 911 tapes are released and many other evidence comes out there should show clearly that. -- was acting in self defense. But -- -- the president -- -- -- you say you don't want to litigate this publicly but we are talking about a teenager. Against a grown man who has a gun. And need -- it's just hard to imagine for many of us how. -- -- given that power imbalance that guy with the gun could be in a position of having to depend. Can I jump in -- -- that we're talking about a teenager and after speaking with George. The George was looking up to at the time of the confrontation the teenagers taller than George what's more Georgia's forty pounds lighter. -- the pictures everybody has seen but -- told not to pursue. We hear that this is not a fact that is in question you hear that you hear you don't have to do that. That's what the operator said you don't have to do that now the question is. How Ford did he pursue. Who made the initial contact. What started the confrontation in the first place. The facts that the investigation so far. Has come out the way it is. Because of Stanford's history. I find it hard to believe that the police department wouldn't have George in jail now if they had only one shred -- -- peace. To support that fact. -- is not in jail because they have come out and said they don't have the evidence to arrest him. Because of Stanford's history and because of how Florida law enforcement works if they have evidence to arrest you they arrest you. Do you expect. Charges at some point -- it. What's going toward the end to the grand jury on April 10 and then the grand jury will make the decision at that time. So I mean they can they can file charges at any time they can do it across Monday because they -- -- and tomorrow. Whether they will -- and thus far they have not and it's my contention that one. All the other side believes going to come forward. I think if it clearly going to be a case of self defense. Much more to come on this case 600 Joseph -- thank you both really appreciate your time on the Sunday morning. Thank you.

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{"id":15997138,"title":"Trayvon Martin Shooting: Zimmerman's Friend Speaks","duration":"8:09","description":"Joe Oliver clarifies details about his friend George Zimmerman.","url":"/GMA/video/trayvon-martin-shooting-geroge-zimmerman-legal-advisor-joe-oliver-interview-us-15997138","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}