Treat Yourself for the Holidays

Hottest self-gifting ideas of the season from "Shop It To Me."
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Treat Yourself for the Holidays
Hey I'm Tory Johnson. The holiday shopping season is in full sling and you've no doubt got a long list of loved ones to -- form but most people are also treating themselves. To elect holidays something and -- you've heard it. Camera Feldman from -- to me is here with some popular self gifting -- -- hate Aaron. I so your first tip is about your own website shopping -- which is on a pretty unique models tell -- a little bit about how works. -- -- -- Basically a free online personal -- -- -- sign up you pick your favorite designer clothing and accessories brands. You tell us your sizes and -- -- your work is done you can sit back and relax we'll look at over a 150 leading online retailers. And present you with a personalized sale digest of all the items from around the web. In your size. All right so based on all of those things everybody's in planning what. Use AA is the item that is most wanted this season for -- -- what do we want for -- for ourselves so we recently did a surveilling our shop Arizona -- a over 800 women who responded and we asked them that specific question. And the number I want I and that people plan to buy for themselves this holiday season as tall big. That makes cents write about it for yourself as you really have to get the perfect fit you'll only know you are sizing your -- are right after. Bullets what else is on our list so -- and this -- between handbags and specifically. Told -- hobo bags. And -- news and specifically for -- is in -- platforms latches and flats where the most exciting women. And I -- -- also say that party dresses are treaty popular so. Tell us about the best deals that are out there on this pretty party dresses we've seen -- Fantastic party dresses some examples that I have I have to highlight. Now available on sale through shop at -- -- -- IDB asked cocktail dress originally 375. Dollars not 300 dollars from Bloomingdale's dot com. Also absolutely stunning actually -- got platinum label address Neiman Marcus dot com which is available right now for just a little over 200 dollars. And there are tons -- I think at tip when it comes to party dresses. Is -- you think of upscale department stores as. Potentially being out of nearly got out of your range of what you're willing to spend. But they have fantastic sales and fantastic discounts available online that I would -- shoppers to consider those as destinations. Don't rule anything out nothing's off limits on batteries are right. How you help us also to score. What every -- likes -- -- the killer deals on things like trendy jewelry I know that you also say that. Cross body bags are really hot right now and hand out some of the other biggest hottest trends of the season. Yet -- like menswear inspired watching is fantastic watched. I'm Michael Morris of -- square face watch Nordstrom dot com and is an example are -- top for as little as 62 dollars from Paper -- dot com. When it comes to finding these items if you -- -- -- -- over 40% off an it's an item that you must have. I would encourage you to snag -- deals may be present this year but they aren't gonna last long. Inventory will go quickly and we don't see many days throughout the year where the average discount exceeds 40% -- kind of use that as your barometer. Telling you see something you love that's right on trend -- it. Grab it because it might have beat Aaron I know that -- -- also say that down it might not be until perhaps January when you see higher discounts but if you wait until -- you -- your -- -- your preference being out of stock. Exactly also there's another exciting day coming up on December 16 is free shipping day there are hundreds of retailers participating. And that's the last day you can order with free shipping and -- delivery by Christmas Eve. So for our topic Simi members will be creating special digest with just their personal favorite brands and sizes all resellers that are offering free shipping. And I am really encourage everyone to take advantage of that day -- Thanks camera you're saving us not just money but a whole lot of times him. Helped -- -- -- and from -- great holiday shopping. You can head over yourself to shop it to me dot com. And of course tune -- to Good Morning America every Thursday for our exclusive deals available only to Jimmy viewers.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Hottest self-gifting ideas of the season from \"Shop It To Me.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15066978","title":"Treat Yourself for the Holidays","url":"/GMA/video/treat-holidays-15066978"}