Trey Radel Apologizes, Takes Leave of Absence

Florida congressman said he would not resign after pleading guilty to charges he bought cocaine.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for Trey Radel Apologizes, Takes Leave of Absence
Going to turn to the florida congressman caught buying cocaine from undercover agents. Republican trey radel apologized to his family and constituents. And announced that he was taking a leave of absence from congress. But refused to resign. Pierre thomas has all of the latest. Reporter: The congressman is on one year's probation. And in a fight for his personal and political survival. Trey radel's day, back in his florida home district, admitting failure after just ten months in office. I've let down our country. I let down our constituents. I've let down my family. Reporter: He said he wants to take the embarrassment head-on. I will be taking a leave of absence. During that time, I'm going to donate my salary to a charity. Reporter: His day began with a walk of shame, after pleading guilty to drug possession. Are you resigning? Reporter: Radel was caught in a d.E.A./Fbi sting, buying $260 worth of cocaine from undercover agents. He admitted to being an alcoholic. And vowed to rehab. I'm getting the help I need. This is my wake-up call. I've been struggling with this. Reporter: But the d.E.A. Says this is about more than one man's demons. It's drug buyers fueling a deadly narcotics market. It's destroying immunity. That's the sad part in all of this. Reporter: All in all, a sad day for the hip-hop-loving conservative, who pushed for drug testing of people on food stamps. Radel says the test for him, now, involves faith. I believe in forgiveness and redemption. Reporter: He did not say if redemption involved re-election. We're going to begin with the u.S. And north korea,

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{"id":20961781,"title":"Trey Radel Apologizes, Takes Leave of Absence","duration":"3:00","description":"Florida congressman said he would not resign after pleading guilty to charges he bought cocaine.","url":"/GMA/video/trey-radel-apologizes-takes-leave-absence-20961781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}