Multiple Marvels: Triplet Girls Gain Mensa Status

The Wilson sisters are the first African-American triplets to be accepted into the society.
2:14 | 09/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Multiple Marvels: Triplet Girls Gain Mensa Status
Ladies in New Jersey -- head and shoulders ahead of their peers and frankly. Ahead of -- they are some of the youngest members of Mensa the nine year olds join together not surprisingly because -- -- actually triplets here's WABCs of art McFarland. B Wilson family is living in a hotel for now. As they transition to life in New Jersey after returning from several years in Florida and we felt as they approached ten years old. That this -- be a place -- can continue to blossom -- Wilson triplets are transitioning to a new school. -- you're excited about -- new school yes tell him. Current -- or rural can relate and to graph the Wilson say they were especially excited to return to this part of New Jersey which includes Laura Bart. Because it is part of such an outstanding school district. But the Wilson triplets already have an educational distinction that of their road. The nine year old girls are registered with the organization known as men's side. Four people were very high intelligence portions. To me that means -- academically. Gifted. In the areas. Language arts -- Their ability levels in the schools. They have that much more potential. Its website says members of -- range from age two to a 102. Membership is based on scoring in the upper 2%. On a specific IQ test. I like cream being laughed saying. So if you look at all he wants -- -- mother make sure the girls remain focused with attention to be -- -- organization admit home. But the girls are so well behaved and so kind to me they help me. Here parents waited out the girls -- the first African American triplets to be accepted to -- What do you like about being -- them. -- -- -- -- -- In the influences from friends in floral park New Jersey art McFarland channel seven Eyewitness News. Wow. -- that getting -- -- her out of those 30 yeah it's just keep them entertained like to keep them engaged in schoolwork when you're that intelligent hard.

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{"id":20224291,"title":"Multiple Marvels: Triplet Girls Gain Mensa Status","duration":"2:14","description":"The Wilson sisters are the first African-American triplets to be accepted into the society.","url":"/GMA/video/triplet-girls-gain-mensa-status-20224291","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}